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Keep in mind you are looking at an ARCHIVE of our original site platform and network. You can find our new forums and links to our sites here: forums.kitmaker.net.

AeroScale is part of the KitMaker Network, an interactive social network with over 76,070 registered scale modelers. AeroScale was originally the aircraft section of Armorama, but grew to deserve a site of its own.

If you are new to the site please take a moment to look around, signup if you haven't already created an account on Armorama or the KitMaker Network. And if you have that login will work here just fine.

We are always interested in user contributions of photos, articles, reviews or anything you feel your fellow modelers might be interested in. In many ways this is YOUR site. It is not the work of one person or even a small handful. And that is the way we like it.

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AeroScale Staff

Jim is the founder and sole software developer for the KitMaker Network. He created Armorama back in 2001 as a hobby to learn more about how to build large community Web sites. As someone who had built models, Jim was hoping that creating a fun and interactive site covering scale modeling might even get him back into the hobby (and it has). He lives in Dublin, New Hampshire with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

Rowan has been modelling for about 40 years While happy building anything, his interests lie primarily in 1/48 scale aircraft - especially Golden Age and WW2 era . Almost 20 years ago he marketed his own range of resin accessories, Blueprint Models, but gave it up when he realised he was losing sight of why he begun modelling in the first place; for the fun of it. As well as editing Aeroscale, Rowan now acts as an informal advisor to a number of manufacturers including Dragon Models but, probably as a result of this background, he hasn't lost his weakness for short-run kits - relishing the challenge they represent, as well as the exciting subjects they offer.

Started modelling as a young boy with his Dad. Once he reached his teens, modelling took a back seat to going down the pub, and then starting a family. Got back into modelling and now models just about anything from figures, armour, Sci-Fi and aircraft depending on what mood he is in. Finding the Kitmaker Network has kept the interest well and truly alive.

Tim's background is ceramics and he has a degree in ceramics. He has taught it in Secondary Schools and in Further Education. Before becoming a Lecturer he worked as a printer.. His primary and if he is honest only interest is in aircraft, although he would love to do a submarine or two some time. His favourite period of aviation is from WWII up to present time. He particularly enjoys the aircraft that were built during the change over from prop propulsion to jet during the late 40's and early 50's as well as the first, second and third generation jets. He is also interested in airliners and is hoping to get back into this side of modelling in the next few months. Favourite scale? 1/48 and 1/32.

H.G. Barnes is a former voice artist and sales/marketing executive. Currently ghost writing, he's published the first of many Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Adventure novels. He's been building model kits of every genre since memory to go along with his short stories, yet aircraft have always captivated his imagination. He's best summed up with the phase "Infinite Curiosity!".

Michael is an attorney (he asks that you not hold this against him) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He's been modeling for over 40 years, mostly aircraft from WWI and WWII and early jets but also with an emphasis in Israeli subjects. He is married to an extremely understanding wife and has two brilliant and beautiful (of course!) children. He's been a member of the KitMaker network since 2008 and really enjoys the learning and comradeship of the site!

Kevin grew up in Ontario, Canada, spend a lot of his younger days hanging around hobby shops. He actually hung around one hobby shop so long, they hired him. During his stint in the U.S.A.F. he drifted away from the hobby, then came a girl, marriage and kids. He found his way back into the hobby by trying to introduce the children to model railroading. After building a couple of railroads, he found his way back the model section of the hobby store, and re-found his love of building again. He then found his way to Aeroscale, and volunteered to help give back to the hobby.