The Dragon Mustang Challenge!

Whichever way you look at it, Dragon's new 1/32 scale Mustang is undeniably one of the most talked about kits in years! Now's your chance to see what's got the modelling world buzzing, because Dragon have kindly donated their P-51D Mustang as the Prize for Aeroscale's first big Competion of 2007, called (fittingly enough) The Dragon Mustang Challenge!

The Rules are pretty simple:

The Challenge is open to all registered Kitmaker members, except Staff. All you have to do is submit 3 photos of a Dragon aircraft kit which you've built. It can be any subject in any scale - but it must be a Dragon model.

The winning entry will be decided by Kitmaker staff and their decision is final.

Remember, this is a "picture of a Dragon model kit" contest. No figures, no dioramas and no digitally altered pictures will be allowed. Please submit only pictures with the model on a plain background and only add the name of the kit and it's scale in your post, nothing more.

Here are the criterias the jury will use for voting:
Construction 0-10
Painting: 0-10
Decals: 0-10
Accuracy: 0-10
Picture: 0-10
Total: ##

You can post your entry in the appropriate thread during the month February. Results will be announced during the first week-end of March.

Good Luck to all participants!

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