Vac Attack Campaign

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The Vac Attack campaign was recent concluded and was themed around building a vac-u-form kit.

Why a vac build in an age where so called "shake and bake" kits exist? Well most people still end up doing a lot of work with resin and photo etch, both of which can be used with a vac kit. There’s also the added advantage that you can make some really obscure aircraft that are not covered by injection builds.

Paul (Ludwig113) came up with the idea and led the campaign with the following three entrants completing the campaign with some outstanding builds of campaign Vac form kits:
  • 1. Polikarpov I-16 by Paul (Ludwig113)
  • 2. De Havilland Comet by Jessica Cooper (Jessie_C)
  • 3. Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark by Brent C (Dunners01)
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