Thursday, June 18, 2020 - 10:02 PM UTC
Meng Models has released detailed images of the some of the parts for their much anticipated 1/32 scale Dr.1

”Some new pictures of MENG’s Fokker Dr.I”

QS-002 - Fokker Dr.I – 1/32

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Not to be too nit-picky, but the nose is too “stubby”, fuselage is too long and not tapered enough, proportionality is off in several areas, what’s with that bent sideways gunsight, the strut bracing is way off, and what’s with that unknown type of British aircraft in the background, which doesn’t resemble any known aircraft. The artwork looks a bit amateurish, unlike their very professional looking boxing of their other 1/32 scale aircraft, the ME 163. Maybe I’m just spoiled by that and the fantastic WNW artwork. But as long as the kit plastic is as good as it looks (with the exception of the cooling jacket), who cares?!!! VR, Russ[/quote] Since we’re picking on the box art ... why is the propeller turning but not the Oberursel ? ( spelling ?)
JUN 20, 2020 - 09:26 AM
Ha! I missed that completely! That’s got to be the biggest oversight of all in the artwork— again not up to either Meng or WnW standards at all. Not a deal breaker for sure, but a significant bug in the boxing. Maybe Meng will sell this boxing at a discount now! VR, Russ
JUN 20, 2020 - 11:11 AM
According the Hannants news page this is the WingNuts kit
JUN 20, 2020 - 01:02 PM
All nit picking aside it looks like a nice kit - I’ll buy in and put it on the stockpile .
JUN 20, 2020 - 01:32 PM
It is the Wingnuts kit, and as far as the box art: Who cares? If Meng paid as much as WNW did for their art, don't you think that extra cost would be passed along to you? I bought a 1/24 kit of a Nissan Pathfinder. It came in a white box with generic black lettering and a photocopied black & white image of the vehicle glued on top. I didn't need the box to be fancy because the kit is what mattered.
JUN 20, 2020 - 05:19 PM
No question, Shell, the kit is the point. I was just being a little snarky about the box art. On the other hand, box art often sells a kit for those who aren't as familiar with the contents. And many of Meng's kits have excellent art, as Russ points out. But it sure won't stop me from grabbing a couple, at least. And if they paid less for the painting and that means the kit costs less, so much the better! Michael
JUN 21, 2020 - 01:21 AM
As I pointed out in my post, I’ll buy it too, regardless of the box art. And I already have two Roden kits on my shelf. However, box art is an important part of presentation, and there are are modelers who may pass due to the box art. When this happens, It doesn’t sustain sales of a kit. Some often feel the contents on the outside must mirror the quality of contents on the inside, it’s just human nature. Most of us here know better, because we’re familiar with the product. But many don’t. I also think attention to detail is what this hobby is all about, and for a manufacturer to use sub-par artwork, what other short cuts are they taking? By the way, I compared that barrel jacket pictured in the photos to the ones in the CAD renderings, and the two are different. So which will be in the kit? As an aside, Both Meng and Takom have used CAD and line drawings on their kit boxes, which have to be cheaper than painted box art. I’d rather see accurate line drawings than ridiculous artistic renderings, but that’s my opinion. If box art adds cost (or value) to a kit, how much more will this kit be with a strange rendering on the box top than it would be for a simple line or cad drawing. What can it hurt to comment on the box art? Perhaps Meng will be reading these comments, and take heed, but I doubt it. VR, Russ
JUN 21, 2020 - 05:44 PM
I , too will buy regardless of the box art. As Russ noted, I am familiar with WnW quality and I think the jury is in and has given the verdict of guilty of being the WnW molds. Agreed that it is better to have bad box art and great content rather than the other way round. I think there was a period here in the USA where manufacturers had to have a picture of the actual model on the box rather than an artist’s rendering-truth in advertising and all that. But box art is important to me - it is part of the whole experience, it triggers the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing . I lamented the loss of box art and was very glad to see it return. I largely model 1/48 Japanese aircraft and was disappointed to see Hasegawa replace the WONDERFUL artwork of Koike Shigeo with computer generated images. I cut out and saved every box lid with his work - seemed a sacrilege to throw it away . I don’t bother with the computer gen stuff.
JUN 21, 2020 - 10:56 PM
I'll definitely try to get my mittens on a couple (at least) of these beauties, regardless of the boxart....but, only because I know what's inside! Now, imagine if you please....a boxart made by Mr. Airfix, Roy Cross! He and Matchbox' Roy Huxley has got a lot to answer for....😉😆😂
JUN 26, 2020 - 12:25 PM

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