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Korean War MiG-15s
Korean War MiG-15s
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Trumpeter's highly regarded quarterscale MiG-15 somehow slipped through our Reviews net when it appeared, and indeed doesn't seem to get as much coverage in general as it deserves. However, it may see something of a boost in popularity (along with earlier Tamiya amd Monogram kits) with the release of Iliad Design's latest set of decals in this scale which covers Korean War-era MiG-15s and provides markings for seven different machines - well, six plus an unmentioned bonus, as you'll see.

The decals arrive in a zip-lock bag with a full colour 2-sided A-4 sheet of instructions. The decal printing is quite superb on the sample sheet, with the thin, glossy items in perfect register and showing minimal carrier film. Based on past experience with Iliad's decals, they should snuggle down beautifully with a mild setting solution.

The Trumpeter kit includes a Korean option and this is duplicated among the Iliad colour schemes, but with notable differences - the national insignia are smaller, and Iliad provide two styles, including with clear backgrounds for aircraft sporting a natural metal finish.

The schemes featured are:

1. "Black 07" of the PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) finished in n/m with Chinese insignia and a large red inscription that reads “Peoples Voluntary Air Force” (in reference to Chinese "volunteers" who fought in the Korean conflict).
2. "Black 931" flown by Soviet pilot K. I. Siyom of the 535th IAP, 32nd IAD, spring of 1953, and sporting the classic striped camouflage.
3. "Yellow 758" flown by Soviet pilot Captain P. S. Milaushkin, 176th IAP, 324th IAD in early 1952.
4. "Red 2057" flown by North Korean pilot No Kum-Sok when he defected to Kimpo air base in South Korea on Sept 21, 1953.
5. "Red 03" flown by Soviet pilot Major Arkady Boitsov, 16th IAP, 971st IAD in Manchuria, summer of 1953.
6. "Red 2249" flown by Chinese pilot Wang Hai, assistant CO of the 7th Air Regiment 3rd Air Division, in the summer of 1953.

And Option 7? Well it's back to Scheme 4 - with a set of USAF insignia for the aircraft after No Kum-Sok defected. In fact my only query about the sheet is whether the Insignia Red of the US national markings is a little bit dull compared with the official F.S.11136 in my old colour 595B fan. Whatever, it's a big improvement over the garish bright "Insignia Red" that other manufacturers often produce - and if it is a tad dull, you could always put it down to "scale effect".

The instructions provide well produced shaded colour profiles for each aircraft, along with simpler plan views. Simple notes point out specific items such as blade aerials. Where national insignia are only applied to the undersides, they are shown "faded out".

Iliad Design's Korean War MiG-15s inspired me to fill a gap in my Stash and buy the Trumpeter kit to use them on - surely the ultimate recommendation for any decals! With six eyecatching options plus a bonus scheme for just $12.00 there's really little excuse not to see more 1:48 builds of this classic fighter of the "forgotten war". Recommended.

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Highs: Fascinating subjects. Superb quality decals.
Lows: I may be wrong, but the red of the US national insignia looks a little bit dull to my eyes.
Verdict: A great set of Korean War markings for one of the all-time classic fighters. The decals inspired me to buy a kit to use them on - what better recommendation can I give?...
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 48027
  Suggested Retail: $12.00
  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2014
  NATIONALITY: Korea, North (D.P.R.K.)

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