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Centenary WW1
„Aces High”, Issue 2 – Centenary WW1
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by: Mecenas [ MECENAS ]

This is a second issue of the still quite new magazine on the market. Its publisher is AK Interactive – well known, since good few years, producer of different paint and weathering agents as well as publisher of handbooks and dvd's with a lot of tutorials. As a complement of their products range AK started publishing the magazine. The initial issue was dedicated to the Luftwaffe nigh fighters and bombers. As we have the 100th centenary of World War I this year second issue of the mag is dedicated to the planes of the Great War.


Content is divided into separate chapters, each focusing on different model. In the first issue we can read about the building and painting process of the following models:
AMC DH.2 - 1/32 scale, Wingnut Wings by Jose Ma Fernandez
Sopwith Pup - 1/32 scale, Wingnut Wings by Juan Villegas
Fokker Dr.1 - 1/48 scale, Eduard by Miguel Morales
Hannover Cl.II – 1/32 scale, Wingnut Wings by Tomek Wajnkaim
Nieuport 23 – 1/32 scale, Eduard by Ricardo Abad Medina “Chicho”
In the ground section - “Mind the gap”- we get this time three short articles:
“A tense wait” - instruction of painting the RFC pilots and ground crew in 1/32 scale from Aviattic range, painted by Roberto Ramirez
“German fuel cart” - assembly and painting guide of 1/32 resin scale kit from Aviattic
Painting guide of 1/72 scale Mack AC “Bulldog” truck from RPM by Francisco J. Martinez
The Aces High style is kept in the same manner as in the first volume – one picture tells you more than thousand words. So if you get dozens of pictures... Of course pictures is not the only content. Authors describe what they do in particular stages of the building process, what materials, tools and brands they use, what to care for to achieve this particular effect etc. Building process is shown right from very beginning to the display base in some cases so you can try to do the same tricks in your own kits. As the minus I have noticed some little shortcomings of the assembly which would usually require better care, especially if you would try to compete in some contest. What I mean here are some clearly visible ejector pin marks or not filled joints between two halves of the detail. However all painting jobs are absolutely perfect so I assume the autors sometimes had to go on compromise between perfection and catching the publication dead line.
A nice addition to all male-modellers will for sure be the poster included in the issue advertising the Air Sevice. On its back side are only adverts so you won't loose any part of the articles inside.


The magazine is really thick, it's a heavy load of top-notch modelling. Although this issue is a bit thinner than the first one we don't feel any loss. On 70 pages we are given a large variety of different painting and weathering techniques – generally focusing on dirty and faded styles with a detailed description of properties of many products from the AK Interactive range as well as the tips for their best use. Many authors of course use their favoutite products from other brands so you can learn how to combine properties of particular producs to achieve desired final effect of your scale replica.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Outstanding models presented in the articles, great quality of photographs, many painting “tips&tricks” presented in the articles
Lows: Addressed to a very specific/particular group of modellers
Verdict: Usefull and inspiring, you may learn a lot almost directly from the very talented modellers.
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  Mfg. ID: AK2902
  Suggested Retail: 9EUR
  Related Link: Product page on AK site
  PUBLISHED: Dec 18, 2014

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