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Aeroflot IL-62M
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by: Is a secret [ JESSIE_C ]

During the Cold War the Soviets were often accused of copying Western designs and so it is with the IL-62, which was derided as being a “VC-10ski” copy when it first appeared. History has vindicated the IL-62, which was actually a purely civil design carefully optimised for long-range flights rather than being compromised by conflicting requirements the way BOAC and the RAF forced Vickers to hobble the VC-10. The IL-62 remained in passenger service well into the 21st Century

First Impressions
The decal sheet is roughly the size of a hard cover book, and it is crammed with markings to the point that there's hardly enough room for a pair of scissors to get between them when they're being cut out. The review sample was a pre-production sheet which had been marred by some minor peeling of the red ink. I am assured that the production sheets lack this defect.

Marking options
The decal provides markings for several different variants of Aeroflot's 1973 scheme, in the "High" or "low" demarcation between the white and grey fuselage colours. Door outlines are provided for the early round topped doors, and the later square topped "international' doors.

A supplemental sheet provides registration numbers for every aircraft in the fleet, and two styles of anti-glare panel. A third supplemental sheet carries window and windscreen decals.

In keeping with Fűndekals policy, the instruction sheet is available for download in PDF format from the company's website. This allows Fűndekals to keep the price of the sheet reasonable, especially in today's environment of ridiculous postage charges. The instructions give complete details for no less than nine different versions of the basic 1973 scheme, a Soviet Government VIP aircraft, an Aeroflot Arctic variant of the basic Interflug colours (available on the Interflug decal) plus aircraft leased to Air India and LOT. Also offered are two versions of the post-Soviet scheme, distinguished by a grey tail and Russian rather than Soviet flags. The profiles are followed by diagrams showing now to build the communications antenna "canoe" cover used on the Soviet VIP aircraft, and detail drawings and photos of the basic IL-62 version first produced with the smaller NK-8 engines. These are provided against the possibility that a conversion to the earlier version may become available.

decal test
I tested two elements of the sheet's logos on smooth and corrugated surfaces of a test model, with and without Solvaset. They conform very well to the surface of the model, and the Solvaset does not damage them. They soaked off the sheet incredibly quickly. Within 5 seconds they were floating off their backing paper. These are the most co-operative decals I've used in a while. They're thin enough to show off fine surface detail yet sturdy enough that they can be prodded into place without rolling up into an unsalvageable little ball.

This decal was kindly provided for review by Fűndekals. These decals and many others are available for sale directly from the website. Available markings for the IL-62 include this sheet, the 1962 Aeroflot scheme, Air Koryo, LOT, Interflug, Cubana, CSA and Tarom.

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Highs: Excellent printing and extremely thorough instructions will make producing a winning model very easy.
Lows: Too many choices!
Verdict: This is an excellent aftermarket effort
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:144
  Suggested Retail: U$ 10.00
  PUBLISHED: Jul 14, 2015

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This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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