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Junkers Ju 88A-5 Exterior Set
Junkers Ju 88A-5 Exterior Set for ICM Kit
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

ICMís recent Ju 88A-5 has justifiably been highly praised - itís a great kit, especially considering its remarkably low price. Inevitably, though, there are areas which can be improved, so master-modeller Sergey Kosachev has stepped in with a very welcome resin exterior update set to raise the model to the next level.

Vector set VDS48-099 focuses on the engines and propellers, containing new exhausts, radiator faces and spinners.

The casting is perfect in the sample set, with the 6 grey resin parts free of any flaws. Each item is designed as a straight drop-in replacement for ICMís original, so no surgery to the kit is needed - all thatís required is to remove the casting plinths and any whisps of flash before assembly.

Sergey's new exhausts differ from the A-4-style kit parts by featuring a shorter shield, exposing an extra stack. In terms of detail, you won't be surprised that the resin replacements completely outclass the kit items, with delicately hollowed-out stacks for a much superior effect.
The kitís radiator fronts are a real let down, being extremely basic. This all the more noticeable because the kit features a nicely detailed pair of engines, so your attention is likely to be drawn to them. The new Vector parts are in a different league entirely to the originals, with open vents and textured faces for the radiator cores.
Finally, Sergey raised concerns over the spinners when the kit was released, so he has provided a beautiful pair of replacements, cast hollow so they can be fitted just like the originals. The new spinners are slightly more pointed, with holes in the tips and panel lines that are missing on ICM's versions.

Vector Set VDS48-099 is available now, priced £11.00 from Neomega and $12.00 from Linden Hill.

As usual, Vectorís upgrade set is quite superb quality, and with the ICM Ju 88 being such good value for money, thereís all the more incentive to add the corrections knowing youíll still have a very affordable model. Recommended without hesitation.

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Highs: Highly detailed corrections and flawlessly cast.
Lows: None that I've noted.
Verdict: Vector's replacement parts are beautifully produced and will be simple to install, making them an ideal first upgrade for anyone new to using resin parts.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: VDS48-099
  Suggested Retail: See Text
  PUBLISHED: May 15, 2016

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Hm, judging by the small amount of parts, I guess ICMs Ju-88 must be preaty accurate then ? Thanks for the review!
MAY 14, 2016 - 05:09 PM
It's better then the Dragon's one, but have its own issues. The most noticeable shape issue is a crossections of the tail part of the fuselage. ICM: The real thing: I'm going to correct this issue too. Sergey.
MAY 15, 2016 - 07:50 PM
Wow Thanks for sharing the pictures Sergey, those are realy interesting. I think I see a slight difference in the cross-section as You mentioned, but to be honest I dont think its that big of an issue, its hardy noticeable. On the other hand I dont realy prefer to combine parts of fuselage from plastic and resin. On thing is to have a resin detail set. But I dont think that fuselage parts on bigger planes should be combined from plastic and resin since especially weight supporting parts have the tendency to break in the joint.
MAY 15, 2016 - 11:20 PM

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