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Spitfire Mk.IXc late upgrades
Brassin Spitfire Mk.IXc late version upgrade sets
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

Having released a 1/72nd Spitfire Mk.IXc late version already, reviewed here, Eduard have released three different sets in their Brassin range and one Photo Etch set to upgrade the already well detailed set.

Brassin Cockpit
Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit
Item No - 672 112
Price - 14,95

Packed in Eduard's now standard blister pack, the cockpit set contains 24 resin parts, a photo etch sheet and a small clear plastic film for the gun sight.
The whole of the cockpit is replaced with this set, not one part from the kit is used.
The cockpit in the Profipack kit is not bad to start with but this set takes it all too another level.
The detail compared to the kits parts are crisper and more detailed, with some extra goodies thrown in, such as a P.E sidewall to replace the kits moulded on detail.
Construction starts with the instrument panel, and this is made up of a resin I.P bulkhead, with a choice of a resin I.P with moulded on dials or a three part pre-painted photo etch sandwich.
A new resin bulkhead for the seat with a headrest and photo etch armoured plate for the pilots head, plus a more detailed rear bulkhead.
This all sits on a beautifully cast floor section that once painted and weathered will look outstanding.
A resin control yoke, rudder pedals with P.E straps are all added before the seat assembly takes place.
The seat is a one piece resin affair which sports a good looking cushion effect on the back. A four part pre-painted harness top off this part. This is all attached to the mounting bracket along with a P.E armoured plate. The armoured plate is held onto the seat and mounting bracket with four photo etch parts which does look a little fiddly to install.
Resin sidewalls have a few P.E parts to attach to them before these are glued to the floor and the various bulkheads before attaching to the fuselage halves.
The last few parts are a new P.E upper sidewall part as already mentioned, plus a resin rear view mirror for above the windscreen.
Some parts of the fuselage will need parts removed or scrapped off, but nothing to challenging.
The instructions are easy to follow with resin and photo etch parts documented throughout, and any areas that need surgery highlighted in red. Internal colours for the Aqueous and Mr Color paints throughout the instructions are helpful.

Two sets are available -
Spitfire exhaust stacks- rounded
Item No - 672 111
Price - 3,75

Spitfire exhaust stacks- fishtail
Item No - 672 110
Price - 3,75

Both sets replace what is possibly the weakest part of the kit. The kit parts are not hollowed out and are just about fit for the job, so its good Eduard have released these sets (I can see a discussion brewing about why these aren't in the box from the start lol).
Both sets are very well cast and sport hollowed out ends.
Each set is joined to a casting block at the mating end, and once removed a light sand will need to be done just to make sure everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion, before inserting into the exterior of the Spitfire.
An small instruction sheet accompanies the sets and shows where and what way round to insert said exhaust, as if we would put it in backwards lol. Paint number is also shown for the Mr Metal Color range of paint for the exhaust.

Two sets are available -
Spitfire Mk.IX wheels - 4 spoke, smooth tyre
Item No - 672 108
Price - 5,95

Spitfire Mk.IX wheels - 5 spoke, w/pattern
Item No - 672 107
Price - 5,95

Both sets come with two main wheels and a replacement tail wheel assembly. Both sets also have a mask set for the main wheels included.
Each set of wheels is connected to a pour plug, and a sharp knife will cut them away with only a little clean up required.
The wheels are cast as hub and tyre together and are beautifully done with the spokes well cast with the hollows well defined.
The tread on the pattern tyre does look like a tractor tyre in the pictures but at normal viewing distance looks pretty good. The instructions do show which way the tread should face on the aircraft once installed.
The tail wheel replaces the kit part and is a slight improvement over the standard kit part.
As mentioned a set of masks is supplied for both sets and are for masking the tyre so the hubs can be painted.

Photo etch set
Spitfire Mk.IX
Item No - 72 624
Price - 9,95
This set is mostly for the cockpit, and replaces the plastic seat with a photo etch version, along with the seat attachment bracket, both parts require multiple bends to shape. A couple of parts go onto the rear bulkheads to enhance the detail in this area.
Cockpit details that are also replaced are the throttle handle and mount, a pipe for the oxygen bottles and the rudder pedals are replaced. A new cockpit door replaces the kit part along with a P.E crowbar.
Outside of the cockpit the undercarriage leg doors are replaced with thinner photo etch parts, and these will need to be curved a bit (Eduard show you how to do this in the instructions).
The air intakes have new open rear flaps, which are made up of 5 parts each.
The last parts to get treatment are the two 250lb bombs which get new fins. This does look like the trickiest bit as the bombs have a new fins with the fin cover needing to be bent into a circle. A jig is supplied as part of the photo etch sheet for helping with bending the cover to the required shape, and doubles up as the part for holding the fins in place for gluing to the inside of the cover before removing to glue the whole assembly to the bomb body.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Very nice sets to upgrade an already good kit.
Lows: Treaded tyres look slightly overdone. Most of the etch set is not really needed if you have bought the Brassin cockpit.
Verdict: Eduard's Profipack Spitfire is already an outstanding kit, and with the Brassin sets added it will make it a show stopper (building skills necessary of course lol).
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: See Text
  Suggested Retail: See Text
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 18, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Eduard!
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the brand eduard is equal to the best detail company in the world.
AUG 18, 2016 - 05:10 AM

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