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Bf-110 Crew
Plus Models Aero line Bf-110 Crew
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


The Luftwaffe committed 12 of 4./ZG 76's Bf 110s to the Iraqi Nationalist cause as part of "Flyer Command Iraq" The German machines reached Iraq in the first week of May 1941. The campaign in the desert would last for ten days. Two RAF Gladiators were claimed by future night fighter ace Martin Drewes but RAF raids badly damaged two Bf 110s. However, by the 26 May, no Bf 110s were left serviceable and German personnel were evacuated.


All resin parts.
1. Pilot.
1. Gunner /Navigator/ Radio operator.
1. Luftwaffe wooden crate.


First impressions is good with nice detail, The crate looks authentic with different sized panels handles at each end. The only down side to this that I can see is the resin tab, which is very tight to the whole bottom of the crate and is going to prove difficult to cut off. Although will be on the bottom so any cut marks will hopefully not be seen.
The Pilot is wearing his D.A.K. summer uniform including the fighter pilots model 10-30 B-2 Life Vest (Luftschwimmweste) with the open back. This is superbly sculptured with all the straps in the right places it is clear that Plus models have really put some thought into this little 1/48th sculptured figure. The peaked cap is very good and all the facial features are what you would expect to see. Cutting the pilot of the resin base is going to require some patience as the legs to scale are very thin and I would think it is easy to break. Looking at the pilot from behind it does look like his legs are slightly long but this is my own opinion.
The last one is the gunner/navigator/radio operator and is in a sitting down position for sitting on the crate he is holding a large map that will need to be painted, although it could be possible to get a 1/48th scale map and mould it to the shape of the resin map. The gunner is wearing the Luftwaffe D.A.K. uniform called the Heer Tropical Fieldblouse, the Afrika Korps M1940 tropical tunic and the Tropical Helmet called the Troppehelm. Also wearing the 10-30 B-2 Life Vest (luftschwimmweste) .


This is the first time I have seen any of the Plus models kits and I have to say if they are all like this one I will be looking closely out for them in the future. Although not perfect they are very close to being.

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Highs: Nice subject with some amazing sculpting giving anyone a real chance of a nice diorama in 1/48th for the Afrika Korp.
Lows: Cutting the figures of the resin tabs could prove tricky as the legs on the figures are obviously very small.
Verdict: Overall I really like them and will be looking out for their range in the future. The sculpting is very good and the uniforms including life preserves are excellent highly recommended.
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  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: Al4063
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2016

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