In-Box Review
WWII Luftwaffe Oil Cart

by: Jean-Luc Formery [ TEDMAMERE ]

The kit
In a little plastic bag (picture 1), you have the following parts (picture 2):
- one grey resin body.
- one grey resin frame.
- two grey resin wheels.
- various brownish resin detail parts.
- nine green bendable (!?) resin pipes.
- four copper wires of various sizes and shapes.
- one white plastic rod.

The resin parts are nicely cast as usual with Signifer's products. Every detail is crisply done and I only found a few air bubbles holes... because I examined the parts very closely! In fact they are almost unnoticeable. The main part and the frame will only require a little sanding on the underside (picture 3). The wheels are superb and only a small amount of resin left over will have to be removed here. All these grey pieces are done with a high level of detail, even the inflating valves of the tires are present!

The 26 brownish detail parts (picture 4) will require careful handling because the resin used seems to be brittle and some parts are very small. The guys at Signifer even moulded some of them with a small wire core to prevent them from breaking! Some manufacturers do care for modellers! All these additional parts will give the Oil Cart an extraordinary level of detail.

A great "special feature" of this kit are the green resin parts (picture 5). They represent the flexible pipes and Signifer managed to make them bendable! Yes, like the real ones you can bend them to shape (picture 6). They have also been strengthened with copper wire. I first thought they were made of Vinyl but M. Meissonier told me he used resin with special additives... and a lot of patience to find the right formula!

The A4 instruction sheet (picture 7) is clear and well done with detailed measurements for a proper use of the plastic rod and various copper wires.The paint instructions are also very precise and you have pictures for references.

Based on the references I have (Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment) and comparing Signifer's kit to the Revell/Monogram and Verlinden 1/48 versions, all I can say is that it looks very close to the real thing!

I only see one negative aspect in Signifer's 1/32 Luftwaffe Oil Cart: it may look better than the aircraft model it is supposed to go with! I would recommend this kit to every large scale model builder but the oil Cart could also make a nice stand-alone model with a 1/32 pilot or mechanic figure!

Thank you to Signifer for kindly supplying the review sample.
With such a wide choice of 1/32 German WWII planes (Hasegawa just released a new Ju 87 G Stuka in that scale), it is no surprise that Luftwaffe airfield accessories models are showing up! Signifer just started a new line of airfield equipment in 1/32 scale and, knowing the quality of their quarter-scale kits, this is excellent news for large scale model planes enthusiasts. The WWII Luftwaffe Oil Cart is their second kit in this new series... and is a real gem!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: SN32002
  PUBLISHED: Jan 07, 2006

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