Book Review
Albatross in Detail

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

The book under review is the latest from the very prolific publishers Wings and Wheels publications, RAK Pox 35 170 06, Prague 7,Czech Republic. The title is Albatross in Detail from the blue series no 5, Isbn no 80-86416-16-X, price varies from country to country so check locally. The Authors are Franti Koran and Jan Martinec. Published in the now familiar A4 landscape style, it covers the following aircraft. L-39, with the following variants C, V, ZA, MS/59, 59E /T, 139,and L-159Alca.

It starts with a brief outline of the history of the aircraft and then the text is kept to the minimum to accompany the photographs, all in English. Using the new colour coded chapter identification system introduced by Franti; it has within its 120 pages, 42 separate chapters on the aircraft listed above and it is filled with a staggering 598 full colour photographs of stunning quality.

The series of maintenance photographs will help enormously the model maker who wishes to build dioramas, all the support trestles etc are illustrated and even the break down of the fuselage sections is covered. I could go on but it is up to you the model maker and researcher to obtain the best out of the book. No longer does the model maker have to search a great many volumes to find the details needed to complete the model. The resin and PE after market manufacturers are going to have field day with the level of detail contained in the photographs.

This is without doubt the best book that WWP have produced todate, the depth of coverage and wealth of detail is truly awesome, along with the clarity of the photography. For the aircraft model maker this book is going to set the standards for all other publishers to follow. Each new title published seems to raise the standard higher and higher. Franti goes out of his way to make sure all the relevant detail is to hand in one fully researched book ready for use.

When you consider the cost of one colour photograph that a museum charges these days and the time you have to wait. This book is truly worth every penny or cent or Euro of your money. So if you are planing to build the new MPM kit of the Aero L-39 in 1/48 scale. Then this book is must for you, you will not regret it and will find many happy hours of research and enjoyment. Franti is on to a winner once more, an other one to add to the growing list of superb reference books, so go out and buy yours now very highly recommended.

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  PUBLISHED: Jan 09, 2002
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