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Video Aviation BL-755 Bombs (153232)
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by: Pedro Matos [ PACMAN77 ]


BL755 is a cluster bomb. Its primary targets are armoured vehicles and tanks with secondary soft target (anti -personnel) capabilities.
The BL755 looks like a standard 450 kilograms (1,000 lb) general purpose bomb but with a hard "saddle" on the spine for ejector release and crutching pad loads and a distinctive large turbine-like air arming vane on the nose. The four rear fins are squared off in appearance, but on closer inspection can be seen to be hollow and telescopic. A central extruded aluminum skeleton provides seven bays long by seven bays around, each containing 21 submunitions (147 total). The submunitions are ejected by means of a central cartridge and individual inflatable bladders for each bay, operating in a similar manner to a car airbag. Ejection on the original BL755 bomb is triggered by the rotation of the arming vane, driven by the airflow.
Each submunition is contained within its own SAFU (safety and arming unit) and is telescoped shut. Upon release, the submunition is expanded by a spring. A focal distance stand off and detonating device deploys at the front and a fan of stabilising fins at the rear. Each has a shaped charge HEAT warhead for armour penetration, the casing of which is constructed from wound tessellated square wire, which produces around 1,400 anti-personnel fragments. A single cluster bomb produces a total of more than two hundred thousand fragments.
The weapon was developed in the early 1970s by Hunting Engineering, Ltd. of Ampthill, Bedfordshire but manufactured elsewhere at their production facility.

Contents of the Blister box

1 little sheet with building instructions, color guide and Stencil placement.
11 Resin Parts for making Two BL-755 Bombs
1 Decal Sheet with Stenciling for the Two Bombs


The bombs are packed in a Blister Box inside a plastic bag with the decals, small resin parts like the bomb Supports were broken.


The instructions are well printed in a small sheet of paper in black & white colors with generic paint call out and decal Stencil positioning.

The Bombs

The Bombs are broken down int 4 parts, the fins of the bomb, the body of the bomb, the detonator and the bomb Support. The bombs have good detail with rivets and panel lines and they are well molded. I didnít find any air bubbles on the resin, but the downsides I encountered were that some of the parts for the bombs support (part that attachs to the wing Pylon) were broken.
Highs: Very high level of detail. Full decal Stenciling for the bombs.
Lows: Small Parts Broken
Verdict: In my opinion I recommend this Bombs set, you only have to take care when gluing the bombs together to use a Gel cyanoacrilate glue to give more time to correct any small mistake when attaching them, because the bombs donít have any kind of locating pins.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  PUBLISHED: May 01, 2017
  NATIONALITY: United States

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