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MK 20 Rockeye
Video Aviation MK 20 Rockeye USAF & USN (164032)
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by: Pedro Matos [ PACMAN77 ]


The CBU-100 Cluster Bomb (also called the Mk-20 Rockeye II) is an American cluster bomb which is employed primarily in an anti-tank mode. It weighs 490 pounds and carries 247 Mk 118 Mod 1 bomblets.
The anti-tank cluster bomb is an air-launched, conventional free-fall weapon. The Mk 20, CBU-99, and CBU-100 are used against armored vehicles.
When the Mk 20 bomb cluster is released from the aircraft, the arming wires (primary and/or optional arming) are pulled sufficiently to arm the Mk 339 fuze (and recently the FMU-140 fuze) and release the fins. The positive armed fin release arming wire frees the fin release band, and the movable fins snap open by spring-force. Functioning of the fuze initiates the linear shaped charges in the dispenser which cut the dispenser case in half and disperse the bombs/bomblets. When the Mk 339 Mod 1 primary fuse arming wire is pulled, the fuze will function 1.2 seconds after the arming wire has been extracted. If the pilot selects the option time (4.0 seconds), both the primary and option arming wires must be pulled. If the pilot selects the option time and the primary arming wire is not pulled, the fuze will fail to function and be a dud.

Contents of the Blister box

1 little sheet with building instructions, color guide and Stencil placement.

34 Resin Parts for making Six MK 20 Rockeye Bombs

1 Decal Sheet with Stenciling for the Six Bombs


The bombs are packed in a Blister Box inside a plastic bag with the decals, small resin parts like the bomb Supports were broken.


The instructions are well printed in a small sheet of paper with black & white colors with generic paint call out and decal Stencil positioning.

The Bombs

The Bombs are broken in 4 parts, the fins of the bomb, the body of the bomb, an optional nose plug and the bomb supports. The bombs have good detail with rivets and panel lines, they are well molded and I didnít find any air bubbles on the resin. The downsides I encountered were that some of the parts for the bombs support (part that attachs to the wing Pylon) were broken, and some decals were damaged.
Highs: Good Level of Detail Full decal stenciling for the six Bombs
Lows: Damaged Decals Some small parts Broken
Verdict: In my opinion I recommend this Bombs set, you only have to take care when gluing the bombs together to use a Gel cyanoacrilate glue to give more time to correct any misalignment when attaching them the build because the bombs donít have any kind of locat
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  PUBLISHED: Apr 29, 2017
  NATIONALITY: United States

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