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Just stick Instrument panels
Just stick Pre-coloured Instrument panels
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

Yahu Models produce instrument panels in several scales that replace the kits parts. These are photo etch and are pre-coloured and on the most part do not need any building. Here we take a look at three sets in multiple scales.
Each panel comes in an small bag with a card header stapled to it, with the product name, item number and scale printed on it. The contents hold a folded card sheet and a small re-sealable plastic bag containing the panel itself.
Each cardboard sheet has the outline of the kits panel with the Yahu Models panel superimposed over it, so you get to see how the two parts match up.
Although on the most part the panel is a straight swap for the kits, some bending and "modelling" needs to be done to make it fit correctly.

P-47 early
Scale -1/24th
Item No -YMA2407
Price -11.40 (Hannants)
Link -P-47 early
This set is a straight swap for Kinetic's Vintage Fighter Series P-47 early version instrument panel.
The set contains a one piece main instrument panel, and a few smaller parts which go onto the sidewall of the cockpit and areas around the instrument panel. A clear sheet for a couple of the dials is supplied.
The detail is incredible with a very busy looking panel, with all the dials and placards readable.
The main instrument panel is fairly thick and made up of layers of brass(?) to give it depth. Other manufacturers would have you build this up with several layers, but Yahu do all that for you.
The instructions, if you can call them that, show where the smaller parts go, and a colour photo of the sidewall for the placement of the panel.
This is a superb replacement for the kits panel, and well recommended for the detail alone.

Me 163 B-0 (with SZKK2)
Scale -1/32nd
Item No -YMA3239
Price -7.50 (Hannants)
Link -Me 163 B-0 (with SZKK2)
Although this set is for the Meng kit, the instructions also show it can fit the Hasegawa kit as well.
I say fit, but its not a true fit as both the Meng and Hasegawa instrument panels are slightly different in shape, so some fettling will no doubt need to be done.
This set is made up of one main console, and two side panels that have a clear sheet to go onto the back for the dials.
Detail as before is amazing with each dial and placard readable and a superb effect to give it depth.

Me 109 G-5/G-6
Scale -1/48th
Item No -YMA4821
Price -3.40 (Hannants)
Link -Me 109 G-5/G-6
This set is a straight replacement for the Eduard kit, and is a true fit (according to the instructions anyway) and they do show the Hasegawa kit as well, even though the kits part is slightly bigger.
The Eduard instrument panel if you have the Profi pack version is a multi piece photo etch affair, or it can be used as a straight swap for the Weekend Edition plastic part.
The set is made up of two parts, one of which is the bezels for the center main panel.
Detail is very nice, but I am unable to read the dials and placards as my camera wouldn't focus that close to see.

Yahu Models produce a wide range of instrument panels in several scales for a variety of aircraft and helicopters, and each one is beautifully reproduced as they are screen printed and not digital prints.
Although on the most cases the parts are a straight swap, for the intended kits, there is a slight difference in size and shape on some of them, so some adapting the panel may be needed. Also some of the instrument panels need levers and handles to be scratch built, as they are not supplied.
These are some of the best instrument panels I have ever seen and will absouloutly add a wealth of detail to the cockpit of your chosen aircraft.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Beautifully detailed and pretty easy to fit.
Lows: Some discrepancies in the shapes for the suggested kit.
Verdict: Stunning, not expensive and fairly easy to fit, what more could you want.
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  Related Link: Yahu homepage
  PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2018

About Andy Brazier (betheyn)

I started modelling in the 70's with my Dad building Airfix aircraft kits. The memory of my Dad and I building and painting a Avro Lancaster on the kitchen table will always be with me. I then found a friend who enjoyed building models, and between us I think we built the entire range of 1/72 Airfi...

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These look brilliant. Must acquire the P-47 IP for the Kinetic 1/24 kit. Great to see these reviewed. Cheers Andy
JUN 02, 2018 - 12:49 AM
I've purchased 6 Yahu IP panels in 1/48 scale, and so far have used one of them. To say that I was impressed, would be an understatement. These IPs are by far the best I've ever seen. The IPs are the correct color and texture, unlike many of the Eduard Color PE Panels. And the Instruments look exactly like scaled down ones. The IPs are honestly worth twice the retail price. they're that good. Joel
JUN 03, 2018 - 05:46 AM

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