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Heinkel He 111 Vol 2
Top Drawings No 59 Heinkel He 111 Vol 2
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Judging by the prices Heinkel He 111 models trade for on Ebay and the cost they are new it would seem this is a popular aircraft with the modeller of all skill sets. ICM has released two 1/48th scale offerings recently and judging from their past history we can expect many more to follow. With this in mind I suspect Kagero has released a second volume covering the Heinkel He 111.


This offering from Kagero looking at the Heinkel He 111 is a soft backed book that is roughly A4 in size. There are 24 pages in this offering and it is printed in landscape on the inside and portrait on the cover. Additionally included with this offering are two fold out paper sheets and a nice glossy print of a Heinkel He 111 H 22 releasing a V1 rocket.

It needs to be understood that this title from Kagero is aimed specifically at the modeller looking to get all of the details of specific Heinkel He 111 H variants accurately portrayed, it is not a book that tells you the history of the aircraft it supplies the details for the aircraft type. That said Kagero have taken the time to include a short introduction on the first page in both English and Polish.

22 of the pages are dedicated to scale line drawings in 1/72nd scale, but for those who want to increase the scale to 1/48th a scale line is included to make it easy to do accurately. These scale drawings do not cover just the aircraft exterior as interior elements are also included in line drawing format. Something that I found of merit was the inclusion of line drawings looking at the propellers, wheels, defensive armament and engine.

Another really nice inclusion with the line drawings are scale line drawings of the offensive weaponry on the aircraft. The offensive weapons covered are not just the bombs with which many are aware of, but the guided and flying bombs that were also used including the prototype weaponry. In the centre of the book there are 4 pages of colour profiles.

The fold out line drawings that are included loose in the book offer a top and bottom views of the Heinkel He 111 H2 and H22 in 1/72nd scale on one example. The other example offers 1/48th scale line drawings of the Heinkel He 111 H6. These show the aircraft from both sides and also front and rear. Kagero also includes a line drawing covering a side view of the right side exterior of the cockpit with the engine out of the way.


With the Heinkel He 111 proving so popular of late this release from Kagero is a great offering for any modeller with an interest in the aircraft regardless of scale. The line drawings are excellent reference for the modeller due to the high level of detail present in the drawings. The coverage of some of the specific attributes of the aircraft are especially helpful in my opinion. the line drawings of the offensive weapons in the form bombs and guided bombs has to be one of the greatest attributes of the title.
Darren Baker takes a look at a Kagero offering 'Top Drawings No 59 Heinkel He 111 Vol 2' thanks to Casemate Publishing.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN 9788365437365
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 22, 2018

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