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Tornado GR.4 Stencils
Panavia Tornado GR.4 Stencils
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Fantasy Printshop have released a comprehensive set of stencil markings for the Tornado GR.4 in 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72. Each sheet contains stencils for a single aircraft, along with a BOZ 107 chaff dispenser, 465 gallon wing tanks and a Marconi Sky Shadow ECM pod.

The sheets are superbly printed and packed with thin, glossy items that show minimal excess carrier film around most elements. The layout of the sheets is identical in each scale, and what really impresses me is the pin-sharp definition; while we might take it for granted that the stencils text would be fully legible in 1:32, here even the 1:72 items can also be read clearly with the aid of a magnifier in most cases - it's only the very tiniest where reality inevitably sets in (see the photo at the right). The definition is really quite remarkable and the results should look equally superb in all three scales.

To accompany the decals Fantasy Printshop provide a full-page placement diagram and, with so many items to apply (I gave up counting when I reached 150), I think most modellers will want break down the job over several sessions, ticking off each stencil as you go.

The decals are available now, direct from Fantasy Printshop, priced as follows:
ED32118 Tornado Stencils - 13.95
ED48118 Tornado Stencils - 8.98
ED72118 Tornado Stencils - 6.95

Fantasy Printshop's Tornado stencils are beautifully produced with impeccable definition and are in a different league to the type of stencil decals commonly included with kits.

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Highs: A comprehensive set of stencils printed in pin-sharp definition in every scale.
Lows: None noted.
Verdict: Legible stencils right down to 1:72?! - decal printing technology has progressed out of all recognition compared with only a few years ago, and these are at the cutting edge.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 19, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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