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P-51D Mustang
North American P-51D Mustang
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by: Wiggus [ WIGGUS ]


Developed by North American Aviation in 1940 for the Royal Air Force, the P-51 Mustang makes just about every aviation fanboys Top 5 list of favorite bullet spitters. Its sleek yet brawny. Its the muscle car of the sky. So why not build yourself two of them for under $20?

This kit was initially released by Platz in 2005 and this marks the fifth re-release. Despite being nearly fifteen years old, the molds show no wear and the parts are surprisingly crisp. The box is side-opening and includes two complete kits that are separately bagged. Beautiful color illustrations are on the bottom of the box to help you decide which ones to build.


(per plane)
1 sprue in smooth gray styrene
1 clear sprue
1 A4 sized instruction sheet
Full color marking and decal guide
Cartograph Decals

The instruction sheet is a single A4 sized sheet build steps on one side, color marking guide on the other. Paints are called out for Mr. Color and Model Master. The instructions are clear and legible. The color and decal guide is beautiful.

Two complete P-51D Mustangs are included in this boxing which you can finish as five different American planes; two from 1944 and three from 1945. Four versions have natural metal finishes and one in USAAF Olive Drab.

The decal sheet is printed by Cartograph and is in perfect registration. Nearly all the paint markings are supplied as decals (including invasion stripes, anti-glare patches, and painted rudders), but if you want to build either of the two versions with the blue or teal nose you will have to mask and paint those areas.

Each Mustang is assembled from 35 parts. The gray plastic is smooth and has a luster to it. Pylons are included so that you can load drop tanks if you like, although one of the sprues in this sample has a pylon that did not get injected fully; looks like Ill be building one without the tanks.

Surface details are numerous, fine and crisp, depicting elevators, flaps, panel lines and even spent ammunition ports. Only closed canopies are provided. That is fine since the cockpit is positively spartan. Neither a stick or instrument panel are provided, but at least the radio gear behind the pilot is there. Also perplexing is the four-bladed propeller. Each blade is a separate piece that has to be sandwiched between the cone and the backplate, and angled correctly for proper pitch.


As with the 1/144 Thunderbolt kit that I reviewed recently, Im amazed by the detail crammed into these tiny kits. They would be a great introduction to the hobby and fun to build side-by-side with someone. The end result will be a Mustang to be proud of.

Thanks to Platz and Fred Boucher for supplying this kit for review.
Highs: Fine detail, five color schemes, sharp landing gear and wheels, great bang for your buck.
Lows: Four separate propeller blades for the prop.
Verdict: They would be a great introduction to the hobby and fun to build side-by-side with someone. The end result will be a Mustang to be proud of.
  Scale: 1:144
  Mfg. ID: PDR-1 1800
  PUBLISHED: Aug 25, 2019
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Platz!
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Hi Wiggus, I recently completed the old (1974!) Crown 1/144 scale P-51D - The Platz P-51D arrived in the mail just as I was finishing it... I liked the old Crown kit well enough, but the Platz Mustang is SUPERIOR IN EVERY RESPECT! Thanks for this review - I wish I'd seen it before taking on the now-obsolete Crown version!
AUG 25, 2019 - 03:37 AM
Hi Wiggus, That is a beautiful little Mustang! I am very impressed with Platz's molding and detail. From the models I've seen, the finish of the plastic should afford a beautiful NMF. Tim, your lil' Crown is a jewel all the same.
AUG 26, 2019 - 01:40 PM
Hi Tim, Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification that you had posted. That 'Stang looks great. I would have never guessed it was from a kit that old. Great work. I've started on the Platz kit, more to see how it fits than anything else, and so far it is amazing.
AUG 29, 2019 - 12:51 AM

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