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Macchi C.205V Aces - Pt. 2
Macchi C.205V Italian Aces - Part II
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Vince Tassone has release a second set of Stormo Decals covering aircraft flown by Macchi C.205 Veltro aces.

Based on reseach by Vince along with Dott. Stefano Lazzaro, the new set contains markings for no less than seven Serie III aces' mounts, plus a pair of Serie VI machines which are included for their interesting camouflage:

1: C.205V Serie III, MM. 92212, flown by cap. Amedo Guidi, 2a Sq., 1o Gr., Campoformido, March 1944.
2: C.205V Serie III, MM. 92271, flown by cap. A. Visconti, CO 1a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Campoformido, March 1944.
3: C.205V Serie III, MM. 92273, flown by ten. Giuseppe Robetto, 2a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Campoformido, March 1944.
4: C.205V Serie III, MM. 92264, flown by col. Pio Tomaselli, 3a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Campoformido, March 1944.
5: C.205V Serie III, MM. 92287, flown by cap. A. Visconti, CO 1a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Campoformido, March 1944.
6. C.205V Serie III, MM. 92302, flown by serg. L. Gorrini, 1a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Campoformido, March 1944.
7. C.205V Serie III, MM. 92214, flown by magg. Carlo Maurizio Raspoli, 4o Stormo, Lecce-Galatina, October 1943.
8. C.205V Serie VI, MM. 98221, 1a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Reggio-Emilia, June 1944.
9. C.205V Serie VI, MM. 98218, 2a Sq., 1o Gruppo CT, Reggio-Emilia, Summer 1944.

There really is something to suit all tastes in this selection, with a mix of classic "smoke ring" schemes and Luftwaffe-style camouflage on the Serie III Veltros, plus the distinctive "herring-bone" pattern on the Serie VI airframes (one of which is partly over-painted with a Luftwaffe-style scheme).

The decals are produced by Microscale and are really superb, with beautifully thin and glossy items printed in pin-sharp register. Excess carrier film is kept to a minimum, and the markings promise to conform excellently with standard decal solutions.

The packed sheet contains enough national insignia for you to finish an impressive five out of the nine featured schemes - four in Axis markings and one in Allied roundels.

Backing up the decals is a comprehensive set of instructions, with detailed notes on each scheme and a note to the extensive list of references included. Where most aftermarket decal producers leave you to figure things out for yourself, a very welcome touch here is a well-written "how-to" on applying the decals and an explanation of how to use decal solutions correctly.

This is another great set of decals from Stormo! Magazine. All the schemes offer interesting challenges, and the fact that you can complete so many with the markings provided makes the sheet excellent value for money and something of a must for anyone building a Veltro in 1:48.

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Highs: Superb quality decals, backed up by comprehensive instructions.
Lows: None noted.
Verdict: Top quality decals for a selection of camouflage schemes to suit all tastes makes this sheet ideal for a solo Macchi C.205 collection or a club-build.
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  Mfg. ID: 48009
  Suggested Retail: $19.49 (CAD)
  PUBLISHED: Jul 22, 2020

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