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Bf 108 Photo etched sets
Bf 108 Weekend Photo etched set and seatbelts Steel set
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

Bf 108 Weekend Photo etched set
Eduard's 1/32nd Bf 108 Weekend edition kit is a superb model with some nice detail in it, but it does lack the finesse of its ProfiPack brother. This photo etch set is what is in the ProfiPack kit, and can be bought separately.
Mfg. ID - 32971
Price - 14.32
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In the bag
Packed in the now normal cardboard packed re-sealable bag, the pack consists of one pre-coloured fret and a set of instructions.

Most of this set is destined for the cockpit, with new straps for the extra fuel tanks, a nice set of multi part harness's for the two front seats, and the 4 lap belts for the rear seat. The rudder pedals have new footings installed which means a little surgery to the plastic parts to fit the P.E parts.
A few P.E parts adorn the cockpit floor.
The side walls have trim wheel cogs and chains installed and a couple of panels to the aft of the wall.
The instrument panel is a two part affair, but still uses the plastic part as the backing piece. The detail on the plastic panel needs to be removed to install the photo etch panels, but as the detail is quite lightly raised, this shouldn't be too much of a problem to remove. Five throttle levers and switches, of which there are a couple spare, attach to the instrument panel facing.

The underside oil coolers get new mesh facings, which are a lot better then the kits interpretation.

The canopy gets a a few handles and rear view mirrors installed.

The instructions are printed in a black and white line drawing and are well drawn and easy to follow, with the kit parts to be removed highlighted in red and parts that are replaced in a numbered box. The instructions are pretty easy to follow even if you have very little experience with photo etch.
As with all the latest Eduard sets and kits the instructions can be found on the product page on Eduard's website.
No colours are given for the few unpainted parts found in this set, so checking with the kits instructions will need to be done.

As a set this is very nice and quite comprehensive, and will really liven the cockpit up, but at over 14 to buy and the base kit which is around 21, puts it over what the ProfiPack kit would cost, and with that one you get masks as well.
So yes its a nice set, but why would you buy it when you could get the ProfiPack for less money, which just goes to show how good value the ProfiPack version is.

Bf 108 seatbelts STEEL
Eduard's 1/32nd Bf 108 Weekend edition kit is a superb model, but the kit does come with decals for the seatbelts, this set holds the belts for the two front seats and the lap belts for the rear seat.
Mfg. ID - 33260
Price - 6.59
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In the bag
Packed in the standard small re-sealable bag, the seatbelt set comes with one pre-coloured fret, and a small set of instructions.
All the parts are pre-painted apart from the anchor points, which can be left unpainted, as I wouldn't have thought paint would have lasted long on these parts due to constant wear.
The pre coloured belts are nicely detailed with stitching and belt holes nicely reproduced.
The paint for the belts has been applied after etching, and only on one occasion, when I bent the belt to near enough 180 degrees that the paint has lifted, but a little dab of super glue soon stuck it back down again. So as long as you bend the part slowly there shouldn't be any problem with the paint lifting.

The shoulder harness for the front seats are made up of two parts each, with an additional two parts for mounting the harness to the rear of the seat. The lap belts are also two part, with an anchor point attaching to the side of the seat. The anchor points are pretty small so Eduard have supplied roughly double the amount you need as spares.

The rear seats only have the four lap belts, with each having two parts, then three anchor points are used, as the center pair use the same anchor.

The instructions are printed in a black and white line drawing and are well drawn and easy to follow, even if you have never attempted P.E before.
Any parts that need bending are clearly marked, with an arrow pointing to the direction of the bend.
The number of the base kits parts that the P.E items are glued too are highlighted in black, with the P.E parts in blue.

If you have bought the Weekend Edition of the Bf 108 then this set is the logical choice to upgrade the cockpit, as the kit only has decals for the belts.
These belts will definitely give a more 3D effect and greatly improve the look.
This set is possibly the easiest seat belt set for a build that I have seen, so its the perfect choice if you have never built P.E belts before.
The ProfiPack version of the Bf 108 by Rowan (Merlin) has already been reviewed here, and I have reviewed the Weekend Edition of the kit here.
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  Scale: 1:32
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 14, 2020

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