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Nissen Hut and Standard WW2 Airfield Hut

by: Jean-Luc Formery [ TEDMAMERE ]

The kit's contents

The kits are both packed in a simple zip bag (picture 1).
The bigger Nissen Hut set (ref. 4802A) is composed of two photo etched sheets (in fact one that was cut in two pieces to fit in the bag) and various detail parts such as three corrugated plasticard sheets, a metal tube, seven wooden sticks and a small bag with white metal accessories. Three A4 instructions sheets are also included.
The Standard Airfield Hut set (ref. 4802B) is composed of two photo etched sheets , a small bag with white metal accessories (the same as in the Nissen Hut set), a metal tube and a corrugated plasticard sheet.

The Nissen Hut Set

This set is composed of two sheets of photo etched parts (picture 2 and 3) wich have nice recessed details (picture 4). The complete structure apart from the roof is made of PE parts including the walls, doors and window frames. Smaller items are also provided (padlocks, staples, vent panels, louvers etc...) for a greater level of detail. The corrugated roof is made of appropriate plasticard sheets and wooden sticks will hold the whole frame in place. Additional white metal parts are also included: door handles, electricity supply insulator and Chimney hats (picture 6).
The instruction's drawings are well done (picture 7). The written step by step text is very precise and will prove useful. To install the roof for example, it is recommended to "wrap and tie the plasticard around a rolling pin and immerse it in boiling water". In fact, the only point of concern for me is the overall solidity of the kit. The PE walls are thin and I would strengthen them in a way or another before putting the roof in place.
That said, it is a very detailed kit which has the nice characteristic to be modular! It is possible, with the same kit, to make crew or officers accommodations as well as storage or briefing huts each one having other window and door layouts. It is also possible to make longer or shorter huts. The variations are infinite.

The Standard WW2 Airfield Hut Set

This set is, technically speaking, very similar in design than the Nissen Hut one. The kit is composed of two sheets of photo etched parts, one plasticard sheet and smaller white metal items (picture 8). The quality is also very good with nice recessed details (picture 9).
Here again, the instructions are very clear and precise and a written step by step text is also included (picture 10).
I won't make too many comments on this set as you can refer on the previous chapter. But you have to know that here also, the kit is modular and you can build a two or three-bay building. If you have two kits, you can even make longer ones.
The overall shape of the Airfield Hut is more "classical" than the Nissen Hut one, but doesn't makes it less interesting as these kind of structures could be found on many airfields and aerodromes and were used for many purposes. Here also the variations are infinite.


I scanned the web for some reference pictures and found some, especially concerning the Nissen Hut. The buildings reproduced by Flightpath seem to match the photos I've seen but variations were numerous so...


Flightpath's airfield building sets are welcomed. The Nissen Hut and the Airfield Hut having "universal" designs, they could well have been used on every Allied bases around the world. The possibilities are therefore immense! They will give the Battle of Britain fans the possibility to reproduce a very detailed British WW2 aerodrome for example but a diorama with a RAF or USAAF heavy bomber would also benefit from these. I recommend these sets to every aircraft diorama specialist who has some basic experience with photo etched material.

Note: Flighpath are currently working on a complete WW2 Control Tower kit with interior detail set.

Flightpath's range of 1/48 scale WW2 airfield accessories (and more) can be seen and ordered at www.djparkins.com

ITEM ID: Nissen Hut (4802A) Standard Airfield Hut (4802B)
PRICE: Nissen Hut (25,90) Standard Airfield Hut (22.90)

A reveiew of the kit mentioned in the summyar can be found here Luftwaffe Einheitsbaracke
Wanting to venture into the magic world of dioramas, I always wanted to find kits of WW2 airfield buildings in 1/48 scale to go with my plane models. Last year Fliegerhorst produced a nice resin Luftwaffe Einheitsbaracke for the German side but you can also find some interesting subjects for the Allies produced by Flightpath. Some of them are the famous Nissen Hut and a Standard Airfield Hut.
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  PUBLISHED: May 09, 2006
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