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F-104C Starfighter
Lindberg F-104C Starfighter Firepower Series
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by: Chuck Shanley [ CRS ]

Some new life has been given to this brand name, following it's purchase by Hawk Models.

The F-104C Starfighter is part of a revised release series called the "Firepower Series". It is an obvious re-release of Lindberg earlier kit, but it is supplemented with a large weapons load accessory package, ergo the "Fire power Series".

The Kit

The F-104C kit is a very simplistic (non-complicated) kit especially when compared to "modern" kits. Some of the simplicity is justified, as the F-104 airframe is very clean and simple, at least externally. It's simplistic appearance, at least in part, contributed to it's being called "a missile with a man in it".

The Kit does provide a nice representation of the main external airframe, the one detractor, for many, will be the raised panel lines. The raised panel lines are not "over stated" as in many older kits and shouldn't prove too hard to deal with.

Once past the airframe parts the kit begins to show it's age

The cockpit is devoid of detail, I've seen more detail in "modern" 1/72 kits. Any experienced modeler will spend a good deal of time correcting this area.

The landing gear is another area lacking detail and experienced modelers will spend time enhancing this area.


Decals are provided for one USAF version. The Decals appear to have good registration and color density.

The Weapon Package

The added Weapons Package for the Firepower Series is quite nice and more than you'll use on any one build of this aircraft. Included are :
4 Aim 9B sidewinders
4 MK 82 Bombs
2 BLU 27 Napalm Bombs
2 LAU Rocket Launchers
4 AGM-12B Bullpups
Highs: Cleanly molded, nice airframe, and of course the Weapons package.
Lows: Due to the age of the model the lack of detail in the cockpit and landing gear areas.
Verdict: A nice basic model with room for improvement as I've pointed out, in the cockpit and landing gear area.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 72522
  Suggested Retail: 17.00 USD
  PUBLISHED: Nov 11, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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