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Project Seven Alpha
Project Seven Alpha, written by LCDR Leland C Shanle Jr. USN (Ret)
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by: Robert Card [ BOBCARD ]

Project Seven Alpha is a novel about a historical event. Set during the early setbacks of WWII and the American Airline volunteers flying over the Hump.

It is not nor should it be construed to be model related, other then giving related knowledge of what a pilot encountered during missions. There is neither photographic reference nor technical drawings. The only inclusions are hand drawn references of aircrafts and formations and only a hand full of them.

Having said that...
This is an excellent story concerning this forgotten and misunderstood area of WWII. The contents mainly cover the time frame from 7 December 1941 to May of 1942. Describing the heroic and disturbing times of American Airline aviators flying combat missions over the Himalayan Mountain range better know as the “Hump” from a base they referred to as Shangri-La.

After sitting down to read the story I found myself fully absorbed into the amazing exploits of these early WWII pilots. I finished the story over night and highly recommend it for anyone interested in this part of WWII. Any additional information would subtract from your enjoyment when you read the book.

When I first volunteered to review this book I was very excited because I knew a little of what the book represented and wanted to know more concerning the planes that flew over the Hump. When I received the book it was a total let down, no cargo plane line drawings, and no photos of cargo plane markings or of any related equipment. Nor is it the full story of the aviators flying cargo between China and Burma. Needless to say I wasn’t overjoyed about reading it at this point. Next thing I remember; wiping away a tear and getting up to go to bed at 3am. Go figure.

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Highs: Expertly placing you in the co-pilot seat, flying needed cargo over the Hump.
Lows: No scale model related information except minor details snipped along the way.
Verdict: Don’t bother if you’re looking for plans, drawings, or any technical information on cargo planes. Absolutely purchase this book if you want to experience flying in early WWII Pacific.
  Scale: Other
  PUBLISHED: Jul 11, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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