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Bf 109G-10 Cockpit
Meserschmitt Bf 109G-10 Cockpit For Hasegawa Kit
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Hasegawas's range of quarterscale mid- to late-war Bf 109s is deservedly popular, but the cockpit parts are undeniably somewhat simplified. SBS Model have changed all that for the 'G-10 with a complete new resin and etched cockpit that entirely replaces the kit's "office"

Arriving as usual in a tough little carton with all the parts bagged for protection, the set comprises:

8 x grey resin parts
29 x etched brass parts
A printed sheet of clear plastic for instruments etc.

The detail on the resin parts is quite superb and the casting is flawless on the review sample. Exquisitely detailed sidewalls are accompanied by a one-piece floor/rear bulkhead with an integral seat. Onto this attach the MK 108 breech cover and control column.

The basis for the instrument panel is cast in resin with ammunition counters neatly depicted, and as a mount for the Revi 16B gunsight provided. The last resin part is a replacement for the bulged cover behind the pilot's headrest.

Now the fun really starts! Whereas most firms give you either resin or etched cockpit details, SBS Model do both. This "best of both worlds" approach is what I like so much about their sets, because it really does make the most of the strengths of each medium.

So, into the resin cockpit go etched trim wheels and chains, various brackets and levers, oxygen gauges and a new mount for the armoured glass headrest (you'll have to supply the glass itself, something the instructions omit to mention). The main instrument panel is built up in layers with film inserts for the instrument faces, again with individual levers and a bracket and glass for the attached gunsight. The rudder pedals come complete with straps and mounting brackets, there's a lock for the canopy and, finally, shoulder harnesses with their mounts.

The lap belts are cast integrally with the seat pan, and some people may wish they'd been separate etched items, but the resin versions are very well detailed and draped realistically so I'm perfectly happy with the way SBS Model have divided their approach.

As usual the set is backed up by an excellent set of instructions with clearly drawn assembly diagrams and a very comprehensive painting guide.

SBS Model's Bf 109G-10 cockpit matches my references very well indeed and the combination of resin and etched parts combine to produce one of the most convincing Gustav "offices" I've seen in this scale. I really hope SBS Model produce more sets for the Bf 109F/G/K series, because this one is going to look an absolute gem in Hasegawa's kit. Highly recommended.

German Aircraft Interiors 1935-1945 Vol.1 - Kenneth A. Merrick, Monogram Aviation Publications, 1996

German Aircraft Cockpits 1911-1970 - Peter W. Cohausz, Schiffer Publishing, 2003

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Highs: Highly detailed with perfectly cast resin parts backed up by excellent etched extras.
Verdict: SBS Model's Bf 109G-10 cockpit compares closely to the references I have and will totally transform the "office" of Hasegawa's kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 48016
  Suggested Retail: 14 EUR
  PUBLISHED: Dec 05, 2009

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Nice review Rowan. Those resin pieces do have good detail.
DEC 05, 2009 - 05:18 AM
Cheers Bryan It really is a little cracker! There's talk of a Bf 109 build coming up - if I join in with a quarterscale 'G-10, I'll definitely use this set. All the best Rowan
DEC 05, 2009 - 08:48 AM

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