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Kyushu J7W1 Shinden
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by: Timothy Petta [ TJPETTA ]

Here is a quick look at Zoukei-Mura Inc(s) new 32nd scale J7W1 Shinden (Magnificent Lightning). I won’t go into the J7W1(s) history, however, I will mention this is the first in a series of new aircraft models from Zoukei-Mura. The company is known for producing collector’s dolls and now is branching out into scale models through Volks Hobby Square in Japan.

The header image is the boxtop artwork. The box is a sturdy cardboard with eight individually bagged sprues labeled A thru H with one sprue of clear parts, instruction booklet and decals. Box artwork depicts two Shindens diving below a B-29.

Image two shows the nicely done decal sheet and instruction booklet, which is in Japanese with a simple one-page insert in English.

Image three gives a glimpse at the detailed photo like assembly instructions.

Image four shows the clear parts that are nicely engraved with open or closed canopy options.

Image five is of sprues A and B, which mainly comprise engine and exhaust parts.

Image six sprue C contains prop, landing gear and guns.

Image seven sprue D has the wing box, floorboard and side panels.

Image eight sprue E is primarily the airframe broken down into four sections.

Image nine sprue F bottom wing, ailerons and main gear doors.

Image ten sprue G top wing, Vertical stabilizers and canards.

The final image eleven has the engine side panels and intakes.

Final comments
The molding reminds me of detail found in current Hasegawa kits with the major parts thickness similar to Trumpeter kits. Decals while limited due to the prototype nature of the J7W1 are in register and look like they will set well. The instruction booklet is clear and the images well done.

As the first in a series from Zoukei-Mura I would say the kit rates an 8.5 for this scale. One final note Zoukei-Mura is now offering additional upgrade parts to build the J7W2 proposed turbojet version, weighted tires and metal landing gear.

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Highs: Only 1:32 J7W1 Shinden kit available for large scale modelers.
Lows: A bit pricy for the level of moulding.
Verdict: Good start for the first in a series from a new entrant into scale aircraft models
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Suggested Retail: $138 USD
  PUBLISHED: Dec 31, 2009
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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Wow, I'd love one of these! I hope you build it soon.
FEB 08, 2010 - 04:42 AM
This kit is available direct from Volks USA for $80.00.
MAR 25, 2011 - 12:47 PM

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