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Magnetic display flying bases
Clear acrylic magnetic display flying bases
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by: Jesper [ SGTJKJ ]

The company Back2Base-IX produces a wide range of bases for the wargaming community.

Among their products are some sturdy clear magnetic acrylic flight bases originally meant for wargamers to use on the tabletop. This makes the flight bases very sturdy and the use of magnets makes it possible to remove the aircraft from the stand and still have an excellent fit. In this way the clear magnetic plastic flight bases are excellent for modellers wanting to show their aircraft in flight and/or "wheels up".

Back2Base-IX produces several different display base products. Here I will review "Magnetic Acrylic Flight stands 60mm Large Warhammer 40k".

What you get in the pack for approximately 7.50 are:

4 x 60mm Round Bases
2 x 45mm Pegs
2 x 30mm Pegs
4 x Large Support Arms
4 x Small Support Arms
8 x 3mm x 3mm x 3mm Square RE Magnets
8 x 3mm x 2mm Disc RE Magnets

The acrylic parts are covered with protective paper coating so as not to be scratched during transit. There are enough parts to produce two complete high 45mm flying bases and two complete low 30mm flying bases.

The bases are very easy to put together and there is a choice of using large or small support arms. Notice that you have to use superglue to construct the bases as they are made from Acrylic, so normal plastic glue will not work.

I was constructing a base for my 21st century 1/32 scale Folgore 205, so I choose the high 45mm peg and the wide support arm. The strength of this product is the strong magnets used to keep the aircraft in place. These are probably best placed during construction, but can be added to the model later as was the case with my build.
I could not place the magnets at the exact center of gravity on my aircraft, but the magnets are still strong enough to keep it in place without any problems.

A detailed "how to" construction guide can be found HERE.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Cheap prices for four full flying bases. The bases are sturdy and can carry heavy and sizeable 1/32 scale aircraft.
Lows: Only available through Ebay to my knowledge.
Verdict: Highly recommended for modellers wanting to show their aircraft in flight.
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  Scale: Other
  Suggested Retail: 7.50
  Related Link: Flying bases and construction guide.
  PUBLISHED: Aug 02, 2010

About Jesper (SGTJKJ)

I am mainly interested in 1/35 armor and 1/48 aircraft, but sometimes build miniatures for strategy games.

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Thanks Jesper, that is a rather novel idea. Are the magnets strong enough to hold the aircraft if you placed the magnets inside and out of site of the aircraft? Andy
AUG 02, 2010 - 10:16 PM
Andy, On smaller aircraft in 1/72 to 1/48 scale where the thinkness of the plastic is only 1-2 mm I would expect the magnets to hold if they are placed close to the center of gravity. However, on larger 1/32 scale aircraft I think you have to place the magnets so they are on the outside of the aircraft. If you are careful and place the magnets prior to painting I believe they would be almost invisible. Make sure to check the polarity of the magnets before gluing both sets in place. Also I just learned that Back2Base-IX also has their own homepage and web store with a wide selection. See their homepage HERE
AUG 04, 2010 - 12:13 AM
They look a very good idea. May have to get some of these. Brian
AUG 04, 2010 - 07:13 PM
Most WWI aircraft don't have retractable landing gear. So there is a limited consideration.
AUG 05, 2010 - 12:13 PM
Stephen, you are right on that point. Not much idea in raising a WWI model of the ground, unless the angle of the aircraft is changed considerably to show it turning, diving etc. But then the bases would have to be modified considerably. Not an easy task as the bases are made from Acrylic, not plastic.
AUG 06, 2010 - 03:40 AM
I suppose once they are painted on the larger scales they wouldn't look to obvious. Neat idea though. Andy
AUG 06, 2010 - 03:58 AM

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