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Hawker Typhoon sets (Academy)
Hawker Typhoon propellers and other parts for Academy kit
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by: Ben Micklem [ ROBOT_ ]

These three resin set from Resin Art are in their Simple range- small sets that improve a few key areas of a kit.

7312 Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ib
This set consists of replacement main wheels, radiator and pitot tube.

The wheels are clearly the most accurate and finely detailed Typhoon wheels in this scale. The gaps between the spokes are very deep and clean sided, the hub detail is exceptional- fasteners that are hardly visible with the naked eye. The tyres are free over-scale seams in the sidewalls that all other 1/72 typhoon wheels have featured. The wheels are weighted, but the effect is extremely subtle. The casting is perfect in every way.

The pitot tube is one of the finest parts I have ever seen- the mount is accurately razor-thin. My only fear is for the strength of the part- will it survive being cut from the casting block, let alone handling of the finished model? If you a careful enough, it is the tiny details like this that can really fool the eye into thinking a model is a miniature aircraft.

The radiator replacement is far ahead of the kit part, both in detail of the mesh, but more importantly in the 3D representation of the oil cooling central part being recessed. Unfortunately, to fit the kit parts, the incorrect squared appearance of the radiator is maintained. The typhoon's radiator was in fact a shape similar to an oval- like the opening of the nose intake. The Resin Art radiator appears to be an exact replica of that of the last complete preserved Typhoon at Hendon. As such, it will take a bit of work to match photos of many Typhoons in action, which usually have airflow splitters between the three parts (main radiator, oil cool, and engine air intake), and in some cases intake filters (dome or cuckoo-door types).

7315 Hawker Typhoon DH propeller
This three-bladed propeller is a big improvement for the Academy kit. The kit's undersized spinner makes the lines of the nose look wrong. This replacement features accurately the spinner overlapping the spinner back-plate, unlike the kit part. The fine fastener detail is very impressive. The blades look to be very easy to clean up and attach- Resin Art have made the usually daunting task of fitting the individual blades much easier by having D-shaped holes in the spinner, and D-shaped pins on the end of the blades. The blades have a nice twist towards their tips.

7315 Hawker Typhoon Rotol propeller
The four bladed propeller's spinner contrasts with the 3 bladed in having the spinner back plate visible. The back plate was often painted a contrasting colour when the spinner was painted in bright post-war colours. The cut-outs for the bladed are correctly angled, and again feature fine fastener detail and the very useful d-shaped holes. The blade shape is slightly different from the DH prop, as it should be. The kit's propellors had similar and incorrect shaped blades.

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Highs: Perfect casting, easy clean-up. Superb detail in all parts. Wheels and props 100% accurate.
Lows: Radiator requires some work to be completely accurate.
Verdict: Very high quality parts that would add a lot to the Academy model.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 7312, 7315, 7315
  Suggested Retail: 6.40, 5.25, 5.25
  PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

About Ben Micklem (robot_)

I have an interest in photographic reconnaissance, in particular the Photographic Development Unit based at Heston at the beginning of WWII.

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thanks for the heads up on these gems Merlin is their a supplier here in the UK for these? Ant
AUG 20, 2010 - 10:33 PM
Hi Ant Hannants are the sole distributor for Resin Arts products in the UK: This is the page you are looking for Ant. tim
AUG 21, 2010 - 12:38 AM

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