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Windsock Worldwide
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The autumn edition of Windsock Worldwide contains the usual interesting mix of WW1 modelling and reference articles.

Lance Kriegís Modelling Master Class takes a fresh turn with the start of a new series dealing with airframes. This first instalment deals with the basics, giving an overview of the pros and cons of various media in different scales, along with general techniques for depicting fabric covered surfaces. There are very useful illustrated step by step instructions for each method.

I find Lanceís approach really useful, because he doesnít dictate how to tackle things, or even limit himself to his own personal approach to modelling challenges. Instead, he outlines the points to be considered and illustrates various techniques with examples from some of the best early aviation modellersí work. And the examples he has chosen for part one of what promises to be an extended series covering various aspects of building model airframes are really spectacular - be they Ken Foranís 1:16 masterpieces, or a number of models by Alberto Casirati which display a level of detail that most of us would be pleased with in 1:48 or even 1:32 - yet turn out to be just 1:72! Quite incredible work all round.

If the models in the Master Class didnít provide enough inspiration, Readersí Gallery and a report from the IPMS Nationals held last August in Phoenix surely will - there are really fine models to savour on display.

Turning to full-sized aircraft, this issue features two articles on outstanding modern-day reproductions; Fred Murrinís gorgeous Sopwith Pup, and Mikael Carlsonís Fokker Dr.1. Both builds are meticulous in their quest for authenticity and the articles contain many useful photos for modellers.

The centre of the magazine is once again a tribute to the late-lamented Ian Stair, with another Rara Avis from his unique collection. This time itís the BFW N.1 - an experimental single engine triplane night bomber. Thereís a good set of 1:72 plans along with a section of an original works drawing, and the beauty for anyone wanting to undertake a scratch build of this unusual aircraft is that itís so rare itís probably not likely to be released as a short-run kit, let alone be touched by one of ďmajorsĒ.

Archive always holds a few surprises, but this issueís set of photos from Jan Forsgren must surely be among the most unusual for some time - a collection of images of French WW1 aircraft operating in Siam after the war. With both exterior and workshop shots, thereís plenty of inspiration for some truly unique models.

Rodenís new 1:32 Sopwith Triplane has understandably got Tripehound fans really excited, and this edition of Windsock features a very useful reference section: a trio of Ronny Barís excellent profiles, followed by two pages of colour photos of the Shuttleworth collectionís airworthy reproduction and the RAF Museumís Oakley-built original.

Topping and tailing the magazine, Logbook Entries and Kitbag look at whatís new in the world of early aviation publications and modelling, the latter including Rodenís DH9 and Eduardís Nieuport 17 in 1:48, along with a variety of aftermarket accessories and tools. Just too late for this issue were Rodenís 1:32 Sopwith Triplane, and the !:48 Pup and Gotha from Aeroclub and Hippo - so thatís all the more reason to grab the next issue!

Albatros Productions' Windsock Worldwide bi-monthly magazine is something of a must for modellers of early aviation, with the kind of content that you simply donít find in other modelling publications. Highly recommended.

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Highs: Excellent reviews and feature articles on WW1 and early aviation modelling in general.
Verdict: Windsock Worldwide offers just the kind of specialist coverage that serious WW1 modllers require, but is all too often lacking in general interest modelling magazines.
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  Mfg. ID: Vol 26, No. 5
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2010

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