In-Box Review
Opel Blitz 3 Ton Fuel Tanker Kfz385

by: Peter Allen [ FLITZER ]

Reviewed model was supplied by Scale Link. I found Scale Link to be friendly and very efficient, recording the fastest delivery from order Iíve ever experienced.... 8 days to Saudi is something worth applauding.

The Opel Blitz Truck was a mainstay for WW2 German forces and was seen in many guises. The fuel tanker featured here was used by the Luftwaffe in the mid to late war period. The chassis was produced at the Opel Factory, but the tanker body was constructed by various contractors according to Luftwaffe requirements. Therefore there were numerous, albeit, slight differences between Kfz 385 vehicles.
The later versions saw the metal cab replaced by the Einheits cab. A wooden, pressed cardboard and plywood affair designed to save steel due to late war shortages of essential raw materials.
Type: Resin/metal

The kit's contents are:
7 Resin parts
25 Metal parts

This is a new area for me, so if I make a few errors of judgement I hope our AFV/Truck people will bear with me.
The resin parts are for the main assembly of the vehicle and come in the usual buff resin. The quality is of the market norm.
There are quite a few air bubbles and pin pricks on this example. Most in areas that will not prove too great a problem, but there are a couple, such as on the tiny louvres, that will need a delicate touch and a deal of care to remedy.
Generally the detail and lines are good.
The bonnet/front wings, main tanker body, rear base and the canvas cab structure come as separate items with the chassis, seats and tank rear panel in a flat resin biscuit that need careful removal.
The spaces inside the chassis ladder need taking out also as do the windows on the cab.
All will need a lot of filing and careful clean up, but the detail looks very good, especially the wheels and tyres and suspension cart springs. Other metal parts include headlights, steering wheel, axles/dif, and sundrie items etc.

The initial dry fit, before any clean up, looks as if the kit will go together quite well without any undue problems. The windows and windscreen will need clear plastic glazing.
No decals are provided, but I have a few spares from a Hasegawa Kubelwagen that will do for say license plates. Other decals will need a search and rescue exercise in the spares box or Iíll have to beg, steal or borrow from elsewhere.
Not the best Iíve seen but adequate for such a simple kit The assembly drawings are basic but understandable, and as the kit comes in logically designed pieces it will not be a big problem.
There is a summary of the history and a written parts list, but no painting guide which is a pity.
All together this is a nice little kit that should produce an interesting addition for an airstrip dio.
Its not too expensive but I would have expected at least a basic set of decals and a painting guide included for the price.
And as the colour guide and decals are not included, I think I will be bombarding our AFV/Truck experts with questions once Iím ready to start building.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: AA7201
  Suggested Retail: GBP12.76
  PUBLISHED: Oct 20, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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