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Windsock Worldwide Nov/Dec '10
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Albatros Productions have rounded off 2010 with a cracking edition of Windsock Worldwide, the premier bi-monthly WW1 modelling magazine.

In a busy issue, pride of place this time must surely go to the expert full-build of Wingnut Wings' new Pfalz D.IIIa by Ray Rimell himself. In my opinion, this is pretty much worth the price of the magazine in itself for anyone tackling the kit, covering each stage in detail and offering numerous suggestions on how to get the best out of the beautiful kit. Ray makes a convincing case for fabric-covered stabilizers on at least some machines, and demonstrates a simple way to modify the kit's tail accordingly.

Roden's recent Sopwith Triplane is also reviewed in depth, outlining the highs and lows of this generally fine model. A 1:32 side-profile based on original Sopwith drawings is provided, which will be of great use to anyone wanting to tackle the .5cm length discrepency pointed out in the text.

If you're ever short of ideas for some bizarre modelling subjects, you need never look further than Rara Avis, drawn from the files of the late Ian Stair. This time the limelight shines on the weird and wonderful - well, perhaps NOT wonderful! - Lloyd 40.08 bomber. This Austro-Hungarian tri-motor triplane monstrosity was built in answer to Itali's Caproni trimotors, but there any similarity ended. I love the description of the Lloyd design as "the perfect antithesis of 'what looks right - is right'. It didn't, and it wasn't...". I think we can be thankful no-one, it seems, was rash enough to ever risk trying to fly the beast, but what a spectacular model it would make with its plywood covered wings.

Lance Krieg's Modelling Master Class continues to impress with each installment of what is building up to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of techniques (some basic, some very advanced) for building early aviation subjects, but with applications for aircraft models of all eras. This time the focus is on correcting general airframe problems. Among the topics discussed are how to correct the cross-section of a fuselage and tackle innacuracies in wings. Several different ways of reproducing ribs and stringers are illustrated in step-by-step sequences. I always find something totally new or a fresh angle on something I do in this useful series that inspires the reader, whether or not all the techniques shown are within one's current capabilities.

This issue's Kitbag takes a first look at the new Wingnut's Roland D.VIa, with an in-depth builder's report promised for the next issue, and examines the 1:48 Albatros D.III Oeffag 153 and Gotha G.V from Eduard and Hippo respectively. For RFC enthusiasts there's a real treat in the shape of Aeroclub's new 1:48 Sopwith Pup, which really does look very nice indeed, while on the accessories front, there's a comprehensive set of drill bits from Allan Sidney.

Logbook Entries rounds up the latest WW1 publications, including Over The Front and WW1 Aero, and Scale Flying News covers a very attractive range of plans and accessories from the Czech firm Small Flying Aeroplanes. Meanwhile, On The Transfer List covers some spectacular new 1:32 sheets from Pheon Models for Wingnut's Albatros kits and the Roden Tripehound.

Once again Windsock Worldwide provides a great mix of reviews and feature articles aimed at WW1 modellers, but of interest far beyond. Highly recommended. Now, I think I'm going to have to get one of those Pups...
Windsock Worldwide provides the perfect blend of material for WW1 aircraft modellers, combining detailed reviews with exclusive feature articles.
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  Mfg. ID: Vol.26, No.6
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 2011

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About Rowan Baylis (Merlin)

I've been modelling for about 40 years, on and off. While I'm happy to build anything, my interests lie primarily in 1/48 scale aircraft. I mostly concentrate on WW2 subjects, although I'm also interested in WW1, Golden Age aviation and the early Jet Age - and have even been known to build the occas...

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That may have to be an issue I collect!
JAN 19, 2011 - 09:08 PM
Thought I'd toss in my "two cents worth"...................I've been a Subscriber for some time now and this issue is, in my judgement, one of the best yet.. Having just ordered the Roden 32nd Tripe the Spotlight on this kit could well save me from numerous disasters. Highly recommend it, the articles on WNW's new Pfalz and Roland gems are worth the price alone and far more!
JAN 20, 2011 - 04:42 AM

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