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Tu-154M decals
Tu-154M decals
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by: Mecenas [ MECENAS ]

Tupolev Tu-154M decals

Recently PDT has released a second set of decals of the Polish Tupolev Tu-154M. This type of airliner has been in service in Poland since the late 80's, first in the national “LOT” Airlines and later in the 36th Special Air Transportation Regiment of the Air Force. One of these Tupolevs, with the individual number 102, is still in service till the present day in the 36th Regiment.
The decals

After the first decal set of the military white/red Tu-154M Lux, often named as “Governmental” due to its service for the President and Government of Poland, PDT has turned to the times of the Tupolevs service mostly in the civilian character, painted white with the big “LOT” name just after the cockpit, blue stripes along the fuselage together with the blue stabiliser. The set has a very wide choice of 19 different schemes and allows to replicate one of the authentic painting scheme for one aircraft from of 36th Regiment or “LOT” Airlines. Some of the schemes differs just by a single letter in the registration code but this way the set allows to build a very specific machine.
Which machines can we build using this set? First type of the markings is dedicated to the planes with the civilian registration codes from SP-LCA to SP-LCE from the “LOT” airlines in the late 80' of the XX century. Another scheme is the variation of the SP-LCA just as seen in the August of 1987. Next variation are machines with the code letters from SP-LCF to SP-LCO in the 90', still in the airlines use. All these schemes, with the described differences of the appearance, are reproduced on one side of the instruction sheet. On the second side PDT has showed and described the Tupolevs in the military markings, all of them refers to the Lux standard from the 36th Regiment. This time we have decals for just two machines but with four different schemes. First one is plane no “837” which later became the ill-fated “101”. “837” can be done in three schemes: autumn 1990, 1994 with few new details and July 1990 just after its arrival from Kujbushev (without many stencils, inscriptions and emblems). The second plane, “862” (which is the “102” today) can be finished just in one scheme from the December 1994 with the “new style” Polish chequerboards (a typical Polish white-red chequerboard but turned 90o right due to the new official regulations).

The carrier film is very thin and subtle, so watch out whit the tools you use not do damage it. Decals engineering is very clever. To reduce the risk of the colours misalignment the PDT has minimised the amount of colours which are printed, with few minor exceptions of course. For example all the white fields or stencils are not printed on the decal but are given as transparent. Together with the white background (the base colour of the airplane) it results with the desired appearance of the machine. Instruction sheet gives all the necessary tips and clues how to use the decals itself and how to use the decal fluids so I do not expect to encounter any problems. All the inscriptions or descriptions in the instruction are given in Polish and English. There is a lot of descriptions around each drawing so it may look a bit chaotic at the first glimpse but after a careful study everything became clear (at least for me). The instruction provides also the painting schemes for the wings and vertical stabilisers on both surfaces. As in the first PDT set of the Tupolevs decals the painting colours are taken from the Gunze palette of the Mr. Color paints.

To summarise the review I just want to say that PDT has delivered another superb, “everything-containing” decals set dedicated to a good kit. Using them together may result with a great looking models. I know at least one Zvezda kit with the PDT decals which has won a trophy on the international festival so doors are open, all you have to do is to cross them. The first PDT set proved to be very popular in sale amongst the modellers, I hope this one will repeat the success and I wish it to the producer.
The earlier PDT 144001 set review can be found HERE.

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Highs: A great set for Zvezda's Tu-154M. Well printed and comprehensive.
Lows: Looks a little confusing at first glance.
Verdict: Highly recommended set.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:144
  Mfg. ID: 144002
  Suggested Retail: 35PLN
  PUBLISHED: Apr 15, 2011

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