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F/18 cockpit set
F/18 A/C Cockpit set for Hasegawa
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by: Sven Harjacek [ SHARJACEK ]

So, after I got this resin cockpit for F/A-18 I was very excited.
It came in the standard Legend box, with the built up cockpit picture on the front and some info on Legend on the back.
When I opened it, I found a instruction sheet (14,3cm x 10,4cm) printed in colour and one small bag which contains 24 resin parts on 12 resin "blocks".

Parts Breakdown

The seat looks nice, the texture on the seat is very nice.
Seat belts are ok, but it could have been cast better (lack of some details).
Some details aren't cast sharply and there are some weird scratches.
Even with this bad side, the seat looks really nice because all mistakes will probably be invisible.

Control stick-
Nothing to write actually.
Looks very nice casted,with sharp detail.

Cockpit side controls-
Hmmmm...Looks like the guy who made the master really did a good job, but with bad casting a lot of details are soft or destroyed.
Luckily there are no major bubbles or mistakes, just soft details.
Some controls look really weird,and some look fictional.
I cant say its terrible,but I cant say its good either.

Cockpit tub-
After seeing a huge resin block under it, I took a look at it.
The casting is much better then on some parts.
The instruments/controls are really well cast, even though some of controls are missing and some are fictional.
The back wall has some nice details too, shame that the seat is going to cover almost all of them.
The pedals seem fine,but they are molded a little bit weird, looks like they are too far beyond the instrument panel.
In the end, one of the best parts of this resin set.

Instrument panel's -
A nice touch of this set is that you receive two instrument panels, one for the A/B version, and one for the C/D versions.
For sure the best part of this resin set, almost no imperfections, only missing dial detail.

Mirrors -
They are not bad, some imperfections, but two of mine broke.

Other parts-
Since I'm not that of an F/18 fanatic I cant identify the rest of the parts.
All in all they look fine, only some small bubbles or imperfections in the resin,and some soft detail.
The textures are amazing.

So this Legend set for F/18 is fine, but when I look at they're new stuff, and this is a 2002 set, I must say that they have improved amazingly in all aspects.
If you find this set cheap it is worth purchasing, but if you can invest in a little more money, the I would go for a different producer.
From several pictures and diagrams I have, I must admit that this set is not 100% accurate, but it has only a few missing or fictional panels.
Highs: Nice sturdy box. Instrument panels for two versions. Some details are molded nicely.
Lows: Instructions are not for beginners. Some imperfections in resin. No colour suggestions. Some soft detail.
Verdict: Good set for a F/18, some parts should have been cast better. Not recommended for beginners.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: LF4034
  Suggested Retail: 15
  PUBLISHED: Jun 06, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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