In-Box Review
Crystal Clear Canopies

by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Before listing the new releases, maybe I should explain a little about these canopies for newcomers to the hobby who might be asking "Why should I replace the canopy in the kit?"

Well, the cockpit area is usually the first part of a model anybody looks at and, put simply, standard kit canopies are often far too thick for scale appearance (which also makes it difficult to pose them open properly), plus they are sometimes cloudy or rippled - or simply inaccurate.

There's no point piling a load of detail into a cockpit if it's let down by a bad canopy and, with this in mind, Squadron/Falcon market vacuform replacements which are so thin and clear, they have pretty much become the standard against which all transparent parts are now judged.

The New releases
Set # 9641 - Boeing B-29 Superfortress
This set contains a new cockpit canopy, plus upper and waist blisters for the Monogram kit. Apart from being incredibly clear, the cockpit canopy here corrects an inaccuracy in the kit item, which is moulded as a simple curve, whereas the full-sized aircraft had flat-faceted clear panels.

Set # 9642 -General Dynamics F-111
This is a replacement for Academy's kit and includes extra entry doors to make it easier to pose them open.

Set # 9643 - Lockheed S-3 Viking
Just one big crystal-clear item this time, to fit the Esci/Italeri kit.

Set # 9644 - Arado Ar 234B
This set replaces the nose and upper panel on Hasegawa's kit. A separate entry door is included to allow it to be posed open.

Set # 9645 - North American B-25B Mitchell
This set is intended for the Accurate Miniatures kit and includes a new canopy, glazed nose, upper turret and tail-cone. The canopy and nose have been re-profiled slightly, compared with the kit items, for a more accurate appearance.

Set # 9646 - North American B-25C/D Mitchell
Similar to the above, this set includes a new canopy, astrodome, blister windows and tail cone, plus a choice of noses appropriate to each version.

All the sets include detailed generic instructions on how to trim and fit the vacuform canopies, plus a short section outlining the specific modifications required for the kit in question. We all know instructions are boring, but in this case read them and work slowly and carefully - these canopies are simply too good to risk messing up by rushing the job.

Seeing is believing with these canopies. The pics just can't do them justice - it's more what you can't see that's important - there's not a blemish in sight. They are simply superb - unreservedly recommended.

Thank you to MMD-Squadron for kindly supplying the review sample.

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Over the years, Squadron's range of replacement canopies has gained an almost unrivalled reputation for quality. This is hardly surprising, because they are specially produced for Squadron by Falcon - who, I think it's safe to say, are just about the best in the business.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: Seetext
  Suggested Retail: $2.96 each
  PUBLISHED: Dec 21, 2004

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