In-Box Review
North American F-51D

by: Dave Brown [ LESTWEFORGET ]

The F-51 Mustang (formerly P-51, P standing for Pursuit, after one of its main roles during WW2, in the chasing and shooting down of Axis Bombers) was designed in April, 1940. Out of the many variations of the Mustang, this kit focuses on the “D” version.

This version was to have an extra two guns added, making it armed with three .50 caliber machine guns in either wing, and could be equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks, rockets, and an assortment of bombs. After many Complaints from the pilots who flew the P-51’s in WW2 about a lack of rear vision when flying, they where the first version of the Mustang to be equipped with the bubble-canopy, resulting in excellent 360’ degrees visibility.

9,603 P-51’s where produced during WW2, and when the war came to an end, they were rendered useless for the future, and shipped off to scrap yards. But when the Korean War broke out in 1950, and the US found that their Jets, although fast, were lacking in manoeuvrability at slower speeds, however, this was something the P/F-51D could manage with ease, making it very affective when given the role as a ground attack aircraft during Korea. Although finishing the war with an excellent combat record, this did come at a price. Although only 10 were shot down by enemy fire, Around 194 F-51D’s where lost during Korea. Despite this, the P/F-51D is in many people’s eyes, one of the best propeller driven fighter/bombers, ever to be produced.

The Parts
The parts are divided among 5 Sprues, A, B, C, D, and E.

Sprue A contains the body of the plane, and other parts, and B contains the wings, and more various pieces. D is the clear parts, Canopy, etc…

The parts are very crisp and clean, I saw NO flash and no deformities in the plastic.
This Kit contains one pilot figure, he is nicely sculpted, and a nice extra (I know I prefer my planes to have someone behind the joystick!).

The panel lines are engraved and the amount of rivets seems to be spot on, although I am not 100% sure on how many it is meant to have. The wheel Bays and Cockpit are excellent, not leaving much demand to splurge on Resin update sets.

The Armament options the kit comes with are two 500lb bombs, and 6 HVAR (High Velocity Air Rockets), which all are nicely moulded in separate pieces.

There are a few points where you will need to drill/punch holes into the kit to attach some pieces, but this is not hard to do, as the instructions will explain where and how thick to make the holes. There are a few optional parts, such as two different sets of Propellers (Hamilton standard, and Aero-products) and the canopies.

All in all, you won’t be disappointed when you open up the box.

The kit comes with 3 sets of decals that allow you to build 1 of 3 different Mustangs during Korea, and also one small sheet that has one decal for the instrument panel on it.

The 3 marking options for the plane are as follows:
12th FBS, 18th FBG: this option builds your mustang looking very mean, with sharks teeth and eyes on the nose of the plane, USAF markings, unit emblems, all the standard USAF markings, and also the scripture on the nose “Was that too fast?”

Col. W. Clark, CO of the 18th FBG: This will build your plane as, no surprises here, Col. W. Clark's bird that he flew during Korea, standard USAF markings, only unique thing about this set of markings is the Red, Yellow, Orange, White, and Blue stripes for the tail. And also what I believe is a unit emblem to go just under the front of the canopy.

Capt. J. W. Rogers, 36th FBS, 8th FBW: Again, no surprises, these are the markings for Capt. Rogers Mustang. Standard USAF markings, Red tail stripe, but, one thing about this plane, and I’m not sure if you are meant to choose one out of the two, or if Mr. Rogers simply had a fancy for vandalising USAF property … but it comes with two sets of Nose Art, on the right side “Red Eraser”, the head of what appears to be Either Dave O’Meara on a very bad day…lol, kidding Dave, or Satan wearing a Pilots helmet and goggles, also for this side of nose art are two white dice.
On the Right side, are the words “BUCKEYE BLITZ VI” and again, the Devil in Pilot gear.
This set of markings also comes with his “kill list”, where Col. Rogers has drawn up a bomb for each time he did away with of one more North Korean.

The Instructions that come with the kit, meet the usual Tamiya standards, very easy to understand, and the drawings are very well done, not leaving you confused at any point.

When it comes to the decal placement instructions, these are equally as good, easy to understand, and straight forward.

I’ve always been very fond of the P-51, even more so the D version.

This kit did not let me down, it’s perfectly crafted, comes with a nice selection of decals and armament, and totally without flash, or any problems.

I reckon this is one Top Notch kit, and give it 10/10, now that means I believe this kit is entirely perfect…which I do.

Unless you decide that it is completely necessary to go out and buy resin update sets and PE parts, I believe you will be very satisfied how it turns out OOB.

This kit did not let me down, it’s perfectly crafted, comes with a nice selection of decals and armament, and totally without flash, or any problems.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 610441800
  Suggested Retail: $40.00 AUS
  PUBLISHED: Jan 05, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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