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Streamlined brass rod & wire
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by: Stephen T. Lawson [ JACKFLASH ]


Now back in the day (1980’s)”Skybirds 86” was a cottage industry manufacturer that put out resin kits of early aviation and cold war subjects. John Adams of “Aeroclub” fame and Mike Eacock of Skybirds 86 were close friends and over the years they collaborated on many projects that each was doing. Mr. Eacock produced such 1/72 kits as the Hunter T.7, the Percival Prentice, a Supermarine Scimitar and some of the DH Hornets. Production stopped in 2000 due to Mr. Eacock’s ill health. Those that know him call him an “engineer's engineer”.

Why use brass?

Struts are the bane and pain. The battle cry of the neophyte modeler is “I can’t do that it has all those struts!” In a multiplane configuration strength is a plus. Several methods are used to achieve a good looking build. In most cases I will either replace kit items with modified brass sections or put brass rod in all the ends of the kit struts. This reinforces your work but also gives your struts an adjustable (by bending) pivot that works to your advantage, especially when your kit has dihedral, forward or reverse stagger. When you have all strut locator holes in the right places and the cabane struts are fixed at the right angles, everything else should go great.


The product called “STRUTZ” is simply brass rod / wire run through crush rollers. It creates a streamline cross-section that passes nicely as strut stock. The various pieces match various drill bit sizes. They are also colour coded on one end for ease of identification.

Bag contents:

1 copper rod for plumbing 0.40 mm
1 aluminum rod for plumbing 0.40 mm
1 aluminum flat rod for tail bracing & control horns 0.40 mm
4 brass wires 0.40 mm brown tipped
3 brass wires 0.50 mm red tipped
3 brass wires 0.60 mm orange tipped
3 brass wires 0.70 mm yellow tipped
3 brass wires 0.80 mm green tipped
3 brass wires 1.00 mm blue tipped
1 double sided page of very helpful instructions and drawings.

How do I use it?

Check your favorite plan views and match the required strut width for your project. Now follow the instructions on how to cut a strut. The greatest advantage to using “STRUTZ” is the strength it adds to a build. Even if your build is damaged at a later date, with care reusing the brass "STRUTZ" makes it very easy to get it back to where you won’t even know it was damaged.

Some of the tools required are listed in the instructions.
Wire cutters or nips
Needle nosed pliers
Pin chucks
Small jeweler’s files

I would add an electric motor tool like a “Dremel” variable speed type.

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Highs: Strength and an in scale appearance that sets your build aside as a bit more accurate.
Lows: Available on a limited basis.
Verdict: Where ever possible I will continue to use this product.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: #001
  Suggested Retail: $12.66
  Related Link: build using STRUTZ
  PUBLISHED: Nov 05, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

About Stephen T. Lawson (JackFlash)

I was building Off topic jet age kits at the age of 7. I remember building my first WWI kit way back in 1964-5 at the age of 8-9. Hundreds of 1/72 scale Revell and Airfix kits later my eyes started to change and I wanted to do more detail. With the advent of DML / Dragon and Eduard I sold off my ...

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Is there a place here in this country where I can purchase the product "Strutz"? If not, is there web site I can go to? Thank you Jerry Azemar
NOV 04, 2011 - 08:47 PM
"Production stopped in 2000 due to Mr. Eacock’s ill health." They are very hard to find, as they are no longer being produced. Your best bet is to simply shop around at model shows with lots of aircraft vendors who may have some left in stock.
NOV 04, 2011 - 11:11 PM
You might try Aeroclub. But it took a long time for me to get a response. [email protected]
NOV 05, 2011 - 05:36 AM
Aeroclub are scheduled to be at the Telfod Model show next weekend. I'll ask John about this then.
NOV 06, 2011 - 03:12 AM
Please give him my best.
NOV 06, 2011 - 03:50 AM
John is apparently very busy these days; mentioned an equipment breakdown of some sort and the imminent "National Show". I did get a reply from him within a week and he filled my order for some of this (STRUTZ) product and a set of his 1:32 Vintage Instrument Bezels which he shipped within 24 hours. Although busy he did take the time to answer all of my questions on his products; great service under the circumstances IMHO! I'm hoping to recieve the order this week. Cheers, Lance
NOV 08, 2011 - 03:35 AM
I never knew that aeroclub was still operating, since the sites been down since 2010.
NOV 08, 2011 - 04:31 AM
Dave, I've used the address in Stephen's entry and also [email protected] (this one John informed me is the "normal business one".) He is certainly still operating; has an add on the back inside cover of Windsock Worldwide every issue and is set up with Paypal for orders. I've bought from him twice in the past 18 months. You are correct in that there doesn't appear to be a site with a "catalogue" of products; I've sent Email requests for pricing and availability and worked from there. As for his products, he made me up a scaled up version of his Biplane Assembly Jig for 1;32 Scale and it's a thing of beauty; I ordered the Strutz after viewing some of Stephen's work with it but have not yet recieved it. Hope this helps if you are thinking of an order. Cheers, Lance
NOV 08, 2011 - 07:10 AM
Thanks for the info Lance.
NOV 08, 2011 - 09:04 PM

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