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Fokker D.VII
Aftermarket decals for the Schwerin types
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by: Stephen T. Lawson [ JACKFLASH ]

Decal History
The Seventeen current releases, sheets no 30001 - 30020 continues the growing line of products from Wingnut Wings, The new set #30006 give us a wider choice of subjects to portray than what is in their #32011 kit. Given the numbers of the current sheets, we can probably expect more releases of this line of products. A guess is that more of these will be forth coming for the current Fokker D.VII that also offers a wide range of about 70 of colourful profiles.

The priced at $19.00 for each set and the Wingnut Wings current international free shipping policy also applies to these. For this scale we see that this is not as high as other aftermarket sets.

#30006 1/32 Fokker D.VII (Fok.) Fighting Fokkers part 1 decals:
Depicts Fokker D.VII machines from various Jastas. And is the first Fokker D.VII sheet that is dedicated to various machines from different Jagdstaffels. These have the factory camouflaged fuselages and includes five known profiles.
Cost U.S. $19.00
4 page illustrated instructions.
2 high quality Cartograf decal sheets.

A. Fokker D.VII “MK”, Ludwig Reimann, Jasta 78b, late 1918 (2 victories). Vizefeldwebel (acting-sergeant) Ludwig Reimann, 2 victories. He came from Jasta 77b on 25 February 1918 and served to the EOW. The meaning of “MK” may refer to a former pilot(s) or a lady friend of Reimann’s.

B. Fokker D.VII 373/18, Unteroffizier (corporal) Heinrich Piel, Jasta 13, (2 victories). 2 victories. He came from Jasta 69 on 1 May18 and was KIA 29 June 1918 over Amiens. The “stork” insignia was an emblem of good fortune.

C. Fokker D.VII 382/18 was assigned to Ltn. Georg von Hantelmann who had 25 victories and assigned to Jasta 15. This machine was used by Ltn des Res. Kurt Wüstoff (27 victories) who arrived from the FEA (Flying Replacement Detachment) #13 on 16 June 1918 and was assigned to JG.II staff duties. He was not assigned to command Jasta 15. Borrowing D. 382/17 he was brought down on 17 June 1918 and made a POW. The death’s-head insignia was a reference to von Hantlemann’s former cavalry regiment.

D. Fokker D.VII 402/18, Vizefeldwebel (acting-sergeant) Max Holtzem, Jasta 16b, mid 1918 (1 credited shared victory) Came from FA 4 on 22 September 1917 and served til the EOW. The comet insignia was an emblem of Holtzem’s mother who died when he was nine years old. He referred to her spirit as his “Guardian Angel”.

E. Fokker D.VII 244/18, Ltn. Lothar von Richthofen Jasta 11, (40 victories) & Ltn. Alois Heldmann Jasta 10, (15 victories), Came from FA 256A on 24 January 1917 and served through the EOW. The images with Lothar von Richthofen were taken during a visit from his father Major Albrecht von Richthofen some time between 19 July to 13 August 1918. Jasta 10 & 11 were on the same airfields during this time as well.

What you get in the package:
The decal sheets came “Zip-Loc” sealed in A4 sized plastic zip locked bag, making it easy to reseal, and keep the decals safe until you use them. A folded A4 sheet printed in full colour serves as a four page booklet that gives you the instructions on application and also the bio of the pilots that flew the planes. The style of the monograph is similar to what we have seen in the instructions from their kits. Full colour profiles are complimented by archival images of the subjects. One fine detail in the instructions hints as to which optional parts to use from the kit and which engine option to choose.

The decals are of the same quality and style of what we have gotten used to from their kits. Clean and crisply printed by Cartograf of Italy, my samples were in perfect register with a glossy sheen and clean opaque colours. Small decals such as the prop, gauge faces, weight tables and rigging instructions are also included on these sheets. Some of the crosses tend to duplicate what is already in the basic kit. Carograf utilizes overlapping with markings that are grouped as single decals. The fin markings on profile D is a case in-point.

Now that Wingnut Wings has released their version of their versions of factory printed intermediate day 4 & 5 colour lozenge (Farbenflugzeugstoff) these decals are even more relevant. While the basic kits have 4 &5 colour decals, you must purchase enough 5 colour for specific use on the use on the fuselage of profile D. It is not included in the this decal set or the WNW kit #320011.

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Highs: High quality, opaque where needed, transpartent where needed.
Lows: 5 colour lozenge for the fuselage on profile D not in decal set #30006 or basic kit 32011. Minor text errors.
Verdict: Good quality and decent price. Well worth the purchase.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: #30006
  Suggested Retail: $19.00
  Related Link: website
  PUBLISHED: Jan 11, 2013

Our Thanks to Wingnut Wings!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Nice Review! I have this Set and it looks spectacular; I'm planning to do Profile E in Lothar von Richthofens/Heldmann's Scheme. I used their previous Albatros D.V Set recently and they were top of the line quality, I'm looking forward to using these ones. Cheers, Lance
JAN 11, 2013 - 06:35 AM
Just an update to the issue of Fokker D.VII Schwerin built D.402/18 in this decal sheet review. I noted that you would need to purchase strips of the 5 colour to cover the fuselage. WNW does infact provide 5 colour lozenge for the fuselage in their Fokker D.VII (Alb.) kit #32027. So if you have that kit and the decals #30006 and kit #32011 D. 402/18 can easily be done plus #32027 can still be built with the 4 colour sets in it.
JAN 12, 2013 - 06:49 PM

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