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He 111 Cockpit
Heinkel He 111 Cockpit
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by: Jean-Luc Formery [ TEDMAMERE ]

Master Details' 1:32 scale Heinkel He-111 Cockpit Interior set designed for the Revell kit isn't brand new. Indeed, it was released in January 2012, but it sold out quickly and hasn't been readily available since then. The manufacturer has improved the tooling of this, their largest and most complex kit yet and they can support global demand now. So, if you missed this amazing set which features almost hundred parts (a kit in itself), now is the time to buy it.

The Kit
The 1:32 scale Heinkel He-111 set from Master Details is composed of resin parts, white metal parts and instructions which are all located in a zip-lock bag. The parts have been separated into four groups. The first group comprises the bigger resin parts while the three remaining ones (one in resin and two in white metal) are composed of smaller items which are sealed within their own little pouches to protect them from damage.

The first group of resin parts features a complete new cockpit tub which replaces the less detailed one of the kit (admittedly, this is the purpose of such sets):
- Cockpit rear wall.
- Cockpit floor.
- Cockpit side walls.
- Pilot seat.
- Bombardier position frame.

The second group of resin parts features smaller components. Some are very delicate, and I seriously doubt that it will be possible to remove the flash from these without breaking them. Especially the very fine flight control stick chains will require extreme care. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what is included in the small resin parts zip-lock bag:
- Instrument panels (dials in relief) with instrument housings extending behind (without cables though).
- Upper part of the control stick.
- Side consoles with levers.
- Oxygen bottles.
- Foldable bombardier seat.
- Bombardier position cushion.
- Bomb sight.
- Rudder pedals.
- Etc…

The third and fourth groups are the white metal parts located in two small pouches. Here as also is an non-exhaustive list of what is provided:
- Rudder pedal frame.
- Pilot seat attachment frame.
- Levers and knobs.
- Upper cockpit frame.
- MG ammunition boxes.
- Etc…

Overall, the quality of the castings is very good. I found one air bubble in the pilot seat but it will easy to fill with some CA glue. The white metal parts, though not as crisp as the resin ones, are nevertheless very nicely done. One will just have to be careful when removing the pouring stubs because some components are so small that it is sometimes very difficult to figure out actually what belongs to the part to be used and what is junk.

The instructions are printed one three sheets of A4 sized paper (one side only). A part breakdown diagram would have been useful to both check the presence of all the parts in the kit and to identify them before assembly, but sadly one is left on one's own here. There are no painting instructions, but the accompanying high quality photo of a finished cockpit are more than sufficient, I think.

Master Details' 1:32 scale Heinkel He-111 cockpit is a huge improvement over the original Revell plastic one, there's no doubt about it. It comprises almost 100 parts and should be treated with great respect as it won't build itself easily. However, if one has the patience and the skills to build it, it will represent a real eye catcher on the model, especially since it will be very visible through the extensive glazing of the famous German bomber. Sure, the price is another matter, but considering that most 1:32 scale modellers will probably build only one Heinkel He-111 in their life, maybe this item can be considered as a good investment.

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Highs: Excellent moulding, very high level of detail.
Lows: Cleaning on some parts will be complicated. High price. No parts diagram.
Verdict: Recommend to experienced and wealthy modellers.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: 32031
  Suggested Retail: $98.50
  PUBLISHED: May 02, 2013

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Those resin and white metal castings look a little rough, but the built up example looks fantastic!
AUG 21, 2020 - 02:24 AM

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