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I.A.R.81C Decals
I.A.R.81C Decals
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

When it comes to covering the I.A.R.81C, few people are better placed than Radu Brinzan, author of what is arguably the definitive modelling reference for the aircraft (see review HERE).

So it is that Radu has produced a comprehensive set of decals based on the exhaustive research which he did for his book.

The glossy decals are custom produced by Fantasy Printshop to their usual impeccable standard, with pin-sharp registration and minimal carrier film. The colours look excellent, and a nice touch is that the centres of all the roundels are separate to further ensure perfect alignment. The sheet under review is 1:48, with the set also available in 1:72 and 1:32

At first glance, the sheet looks quite small - but closer inspection reveals that it is simply crammed with items, with individual codes for no less than 14 aircraft! Along with the national and unit markings, the sheet also contains a number of servicing stencils.

Each of the subjects is illustrated in colour and accompanied by a useful description that outlines the history of the particular machine, along with any specific points of interest in its markings or equipment.

Having recently purchased the excellent Icaerodesign 1:48 resin kit, I inevitably compared Radu's decals with those included. The three kit schemes are also featured on Radu's sheet - but don't be put off by that, because the first, obvious, thing that strikes you is the sheer wealth of interesting new markings options that Rudu offers. The sheet includes both King Michael Cross insignia and the roundels that were reintroduced in September 1944. The crosses are of the final type, with pointed tips, and Radu's instructions highlight a error in Icaerodesign's painting guide which I might not have otherwise noticed (the position of the wing crosses is shown for the earlier short-span variants).

The sheet is available direct from RB Productions, priced as follows:

RB-D32015 - 12.00 Euros
RB-D48015 - 10.00 Euros
RB-D72015 - 8.00 Euros

Whether you're building the A-Model 1:72 kit, Icaerodesign's 1:48 resin version (or want to replace the old L.T.D kit's inaccurate decals), or are getting ready for the forthcoming Azur FFROM 1:32 kit (now due out in November), RB Productions' sheet is really a must-have for all "I.A.R." fans.

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Highs: Top quality decals for 14 meticulously researched colour schemes.
Lows: None that I've spotted.
Verdict: Radu Brinzan's decals are beautifully produced and offer a wealth of colour schemes for the I.A.R.81C in three popular scales. Highly recommended.
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2013

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