In-Box Review
Luftwaffe Einheitsbaracke

by: Jean-Luc Formery [ TEDMAMERE ]

The kit
Fliegerhorst's kit comes in a cardboard box with a nice drawing on the top and contains some very big resin parts. These are protected in plastic bubble-wrap to prevent them from damage.

The barracks is composed of six resin parts; two for the front and the back of the building (both identical), two for the sides (both identical) and two for the roof (both identical). The parts are molded in hard pale yellow resin. The wood structured building is well represented and the detail is overall good. There is a lot of flash due to the hand-made nature of the moulding process but cleaning-up the parts will not be a big effort.

Included in the kit are 16 shutters for the 8 windows of the barracks but that's it! The enclosed instructions note:

"there are parts you may need for the model and which aren't enclosed in the kit. These parts must take the modeller from his spare part box. There are no limits for your own creativity and imagination".

This means all the details must be scratchbuilt or taken from other kits! There are also no interior details on the resin parts, so if you want to open up your "country cabin", you must do the job yourself! There are no windows either in the kit, but this isn't a major problem since you can find clear plastic everywhere!

The instructions in the kit are in German and English and the overall assembly should only take minutes! There are no painting guides - only some written advice, and that's logical: the paint scheme was probably different in each unit! So check your references or improvise like the ground personnel did during WW2!

For every Luftwaffe diorama aficionado, this Luftwaffe Barracks is a must have! It costs 34.50 Euros (the average price of a 1/48 aircraft kit) which is a fair price, I think. Once finished, it will add an interesting counterpoint to every WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft!
Fliegerhorst should be encouraged to produce more of these kits! They plan to make a "Flugfeldtankwagen" (fuel truck) as well as a "Wärmehalle für Nachtjäger" (nightfighter warm up hangar). This all sounds very appetising!

For more details of this kit contact fliegerhorst who kindly supplied pictures of the finished kit.

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So, you're searching for an airfield building to give your WW2 Luftwaffe Personnel (Dragon, Eduard or lately ICM) some place to rest? Then Fliegerhorst's Unit Barrack is what you need!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Suggested Retail: 34.50 Euro
  PUBLISHED: Jul 13, 2005

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I'm mainly interested in WW2 aircraft and I build them in 1/48 scale.

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