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In my far distant youth I enjoyed building kits of all sorts but mostly armour and aeroplanes. After I married & spawned, I lost the habit and had to concentrate on more mundane matters as nappies, tantrums, and, more lately, snappish teenage daughters. Now, only recently, and perhaps as an escape from those snappish daughters, I've picked up my craft knife once more. I could never be described as anything better than an enthusiastic, ham handed and impatient amateur. I work in defence research at Farnborough in the UK, the site of the renowned Royal Aircraft Establishment and am proud to say that I joined the establishment when it was "aircraft", before it downgraded to "aerospace" (and even further, eventually, to QinetiQ). I work there still and, to make my living, I model aircraft in a very different way. I could tell you more, but I'd have to shoot you afterwards.

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