Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Flooring
Interests: Collecting and shooting WWII rifles with a major in japanese firearms
CALLSIGN: mrockhill


About mrockhill
I started modeling around 1988 give or take, making me roughly 10 at the time. I started painting solid airfix figures then progressed from there to assembled tamiya figures, some armor, lots of aicraft and a couple cars. I continued on and off through out High school depending on my grounded status, girlfriend and beer availability. I joined the US Army in 1996, assigned to the air defense battalion (3-4 ADAR) of the 82d Abn till I finished my enlistment in 2000. I worked with stinger missles and the Avenger system. I continued modeling during my enlistment in my spare time, amidst a growing interest in collecting and shooting military rifles and keeping up with my beer and floozie regimen. I have a coulpe jobs over the years. When I returned to civilian life I inadvertantly hung up my modeling hat as I had a lot going on with work, life and my ever growing japanese rifle collection. Now almost 9 years later, I am getting back on my feet again. It seems the Hobby has progressed much from what I remember and the internet has really enhanced the availability of great information advice and specialty parts and kits. I am looking foward to doing this again for a while.

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