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Hello, I am a disabled American veteran living in the Philippines. After not having built a kit in more than thirty years, I am finally returning to the hobby, which has truly become an art, that I love dearly. My genre is mostly US military aircraft and even some armor, starting with my modern experience, then going back to WWII and earlier, just love those piston planes! At the moment I am collecting the tools required for the job, and once that happens, I will put a kit on the bench, which is scary. But I figure the best way to get going well, is to have the right tools for the job, should remove the frustrating that can accompany building, making it more enjoyable. Plus, spending hours upon hours learning from those whole have already gained the skills and experience I am after. Modellers are an interesting bunch, often kind and willing to share tips and tricks, so if you are new, ask questions, LOTS OF QUESTIONS! The only stupid question you have, is the one you didn't ask. Cheers everyone! Anthony

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