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Saab Draken Tamiya 1/100
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Posted: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 - 11:23 AM UTC

Hi All,

It's been months since I told Jean-Luc I'd post this, and here she is. Pardon the dust--it looked clear to my naked eye...

Built OOB, painted with Tamiya, Pactra and Polly Scale acrylics.

Decals nice but translucent.

Weapons pylons razor-thin. Other parts clunky. Wheels very nice, but Tamiya designed them to be fixed on gear axle with hot knife! No pilot and no drop tanks. Only AIM-4 Falcons supplied.

Tamiya had a substantial line of 1/100 modern jets and helicopters, the 1/100 Scale Mini-Jet Series of the early 1970''s. These are delightful little kits with recessed panel lines. I have yet to build a new 1/144 aeroplane so I cannot compare them, but these are as nice or better than many pre-CAD 1/72 kits.

Most 1/100th scale aircraft are great lil' gems of a model. I have most of these and intend to present these little known and underappreciated kits as I build them. Others are:

1. Tamiya 1/100 BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

2. Tamiya 1/100 Boeing B-52D Stratofortress

3. Tamiya 1/100 McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II

4. Tamiya 1/100 McDonnell Douglas F-4K / M

5. Tamiya 1/100 Lockheed F-104J/G

6. Tamiya 1/100 Me 163 & Me 262 Set

7. Tamiya 1/100 MiG 19 Farmer

8. Tamiya 1/100 Republic F-105D

9. Tamiya 1/100 Saab Draken

10. Tamiya 1/100 Saab AJ 37 Viggen

11. Tamiya 1/100 Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane

Other 1/100 Aircraft:

1. F4B-4 Boeing 99 by AHM

2. Grumman F3F-3 by AHM

3. F-4E Phantom II by AHM

4. Focke-Wulf 190 A-5 by Doyusha

5. Fi 156 Storch by Faller

6. V1 & V2 & Trailer set by Faller

7. F-4F Phantom II by Roskopf

When able, I will post the A-4 Skyhawk, A-7 Corsair II, A-6 Intruder, F-8 Crusader, F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-100 Super Sabre, F-101 Voodoo, Kfir, Mirage III, MiG-21, UH-1 Huey, AH-1 Cobra, H-3 Sea King, C-47, and any others I can find!

Model railroaders and war gamers of OO [1/76] through TT [1/120] (including E and QO SCALE [1/96], OOC SCALE [1/100], 3mm SCALE and TM SCALE {a version of TT}[1/101.6]) desiring aircraft had, and still suffer, a relatively small field to choose from. Accurate Miniatures, AHM, Doyusha, Faller, Revell, Roskopf, Takara, Tamiya and others fill the void with a good selection of common and popular aircraft c.1930 - present.

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Posted: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 - 11:49 AM UTC

Quoted Text

It's been months since I told Jean-Luc I'd post this, and here she is.

Hi Fred!

I must confess I must have forgot about this... but since I asked for it! :-) Thanks for the pictures! It's a great looking plane we don't see often as a model... in 1/100 scale

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Posted: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 - 02:38 AM UTC
Hi Fred!

We should have a Draken extravaganza! Your build is good, even if there are some major issues with the accuracy of the Tamiya kit. Also, the blue colour is very hard to get right!

You should really get the Hasegawa 1/72! It the best kit I've built so far (then again, that only 10...). Here are some progress pics. Only a day or two left now!

And regarding your wish to build a Viggen! Do it! Personally, I've bought the only accepteable kit around - the Heller 1/72 (albeit that some people enjoy the Airfix Viggen in 1/48). And there is always the Tamiya 1/100 if you want to keep your collection of Swedish jets in scale!

There are some etched (Eduard) and resin (Chechma) parts for the Heller Viggen. For reference photos, you might want to check out http://www.avrosys.nu/aircraft/. I have some great books, so if you need additional info, don't hesitate to contact me.


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Posted: Monday, September 20, 2010 - 08:24 PM UTC
Hi I want to make this one too, but than 6 in a row diorama, when I look at the real Draken, the yellow letters are differant than the model. How long is this model in centimeters? About 15cm???

Thank in advance, Henry