In-Box Review
FW 190D-9 (easy assembly kit)

by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

The Fw 190 D (nicknamed the Dora-9 Dora-Neun or Long-Nose Dora Langnasen-Dora) was introduced for the major reason of the Luftwaffe needing a high altitude performance FW 190. While earlier versions of the Fw 190 were very effective at low and medium altitudes, they lacked performance at the altitudes the American heavy bombers and fighters operated. The Fw 190 B and C airframe series were developed to tackle the high altitude performance, and all attempts to do so had failed for various reasons, including and not limited to high performance superchargers and turbo systems, reliable cockpit pressurization systems, poor material availability and the war demand itself.
The Fw 190 D began development in 1942 when Kurt Tank saw a need for the move to a in-line engine solution. Tank knew the move to an in-line engine could help the Fw 190 in its altitude performance.In October of 1942 the first mock up Fw 190 D was built with a Jumo 213 A engine installed in the nose. The first Dora to make it into volume production was the unpressurized D-9 model. With excellent handling and performance characteristics, it became very clear that the Dora-9 was nearly the perfect response to the Luftwaffe's need for a high-altitude, high-speed interceptor.

The Kit
The kit comes packed in the standard lidded box we are all used to. Upon opening the box you will find that Hobby Boss do things differently. You will see a plastic tray with all the parts sitting in individual recesses with a couple of lips to hold them securely in place. Very securely in fact as I dropped the box from a height of 4ft onto a hard floor and not one piece came out of its holding recess. Lying on top of the parts are the instruction booklet and decals.
The kit contains 26 light grey and 2 clear plastic injection parts. All the parts are free from flash and sink marks are in places that aren't seen. The main parts such as the fuselage and wings are pre-built so seam filling is kept to a minimum. The downside of this is the cockpit is already moulded in to the fuselage so adding or even trying to highlight interior detail will be difficult to achieve. The seat seems to sit to low in the cockpit and it seems the instrument panel (which has no detail) would obstruct the view of the pilot (it was not really better on the real aircraft! note from the editor). The exterior detail throughout the kit is exceptional on such a small scale, with the wheel wells and wheel doors beautifully done. The engine and cowling are moulded as one piece and the doughnut shaped radiator is nicely reproduced. The panel and rivets are all recessed and very finely done with only the raised ribbing on the control surfaces looking a fractionally overdone.
The clear parts are reasonably thin but do show a slight distortion on the curved parts of the canopy. The canopy is in two pieces and could probably be modelled in the open position, but it doesn't give you that option in the instructions.

the instructions
The instructions are printed on glossy A3 size paper, folded in half to form a booklet. The front page tells you what the different build symbols mean and how to use the decals. pages 2 and 3 is the build sequence from step 1 to step 4. The back page gives you a colour profile drawings of the decal and painting guide.

painting and decals
There are two choices of markings in the kit. JV44, Germany 1945, with the distinctive red underside with white stripes. Upper surfaces of RLM 83, RLM 75 with the fuselage sides RLM 66. The second option is IV/JG3 1945, with basically the same colour scheme as the other version but with RLM 66 replacing the red and white underside. Personally I think Hobby Boss have made a mistake as the RLM numbers 66 and 75 should be the other way around as RLM 66 is a very dark grey and should be on the top of the fuselage. Best to check references to confirm the correct RLM numbers for both aircraft.
The decals look in register with little carrier film around the edges but the black portions look a little blotchy, as if the decal film hasn't been properly applied. How they go on I won't know until I try them. The swastikas are in two parts so careful alignment will be needed.

I believe Hobby Boss are onto a winner with these 1/72 aircraft kits, as they are cheap and easy to build. I am hoping they have the same impact on the modelling world as Airfix did 40 years ago with their Series 1 and 2 kits. Hopefully they will bring a new generation of builders into the hobby with quick and easy kits, for the generation of kids who want instant gratification.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AeroScale.
Hobby Boss are a new company and connected to Trumpeter in some way. Their range of kits include 1/48th, 1/35th vehicles, 1/72nd aircraft and a 1/48th LCM and soon to be announced 1/48th aircraft, 1/700th ships and 1/35th figures. Boasting of unique technological capability in design, development and manufacturing, they should be a company to look out for.Their 1/72 range of aircraft are aimed I believe at the younger and less experienced modeller as they are simplicity itself to build. The experienced modeller will still find these kits great fun for a quick fast build.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 80228
  Suggested Retail: 3.99
  PUBLISHED: Sep 22, 2006

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Nice one Andy! I looked at one of these Hobbyboss kits at the Sutton Coldfield show recently and was pleasantly surprised by the fine detail and high quality of the mouldings. Im certainly going to be buying one soon and depending on how it actually goes together I can see myself picking up quite a few in the future. As you pointed out in your review,the fusalage section is in one piece.Very much a good thing for the younger modeller,and a challenge for the more experienced ones to paint and get some extra detail in there. I totally agree with your statement about these being an ideal kit for kids to start building.Youd very quickly be onto the painting stage which will hold a youngsters attention and keep the interest level up. I hate doing seam work nowdays,so to eliminate this is a step in the right direction for encouraging kids to put the computer games down for a few hours and actually build something. Could Hobbyboss kits be the Airfix kits for a whole new generation? It will be interesting to see how these sell,but generally I predict a good market for Hobbyboss. Nige
SEP 22, 2006 - 03:52 PM
looking good...although I don't quite understand how these kits differ from, say, the Academy Dora - aside from perhaps the one piece fuselage... are they significantly cheaper - parts breakdown otherwise seems standard...any idea of cost... re the box paint options - the red/yellow banded Dora with the arched cat insignia is a JG 301 machine - see my article in February's Scale Aircraft Modelling for a reference photo..plus other rare Dora images..
SEP 22, 2006 - 03:54 PM
Hi Neil. RRP on these kits is 3.99,a bit cheaper than the Academy offerings in this scale. I think the major plus point,as you pointed out,is the fusalage being in one piece,plus the wing section is one part as opposed to the three that we are used to. I would be more inclined to buy my son a Hobbyboss over an Academy kit for this reason.Just one join and you have a "real plane". The detail and engraved panel lines are certainly on a par with the Academy kits on the couple of these Ive looked at, and hopefully the decals will be lots better than the Academy ones as well. Not knocking Academy here,just a general comparrison between the two. I remember your article on 190's in SAM very well.It was the main point of reference for my Dora build earlier this year Nige
SEP 22, 2006 - 04:13 PM
thats a true "weekend" kit! who's selling these? because i'd like to see the rest of this series of kits
SEP 23, 2006 - 12:43 PM
I picked mine up from Modelsforsale, they delivered it in 2 days . Courtney (Yoghurt) has fallen in love with this kits, i think she will make me buy the entire range at Telford :-). Andy
SEP 23, 2006 - 02:57 PM

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