Västra Götaland, Sweden

Occupation: Art Director
Interests: Cooking, Interior Design & Ancient Land Rovers (used to own an ex RAF Series I 80", that I restored)


About OEFFAG_153
Learning how to build kits in the 70s, when the weekly allowance went to either an Airfix or Matchbox kit. Me and my brother doing one or two each every week, then blowing them up Graduating to 1:48 Monogram in the 80s, and also turning towards some serious figurepainting. The late 90s was not a very active time modellingwise – but as the 00s begun, so did a rekindeled interest in modelling. This time around it was the Great War Period, which always has been my favourite, that lured me. The past ten years has been devoted to planes and figures of this period – always trying to improve my skills.

My Awards